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Raptore - Black Fire

Black Fire
by Allen Peters at 29 August 2022, 6:13 AM

Germany’s Dying Victims Productions has just done their part in helping release the second album of RAPTORE, “Blackfire.” Formed in 2012, it was pre COVID 2016 since their first album, besides one single release. Originally from Buenos Airies, Barcelona is where the band now calls home. The Speed Metal quartet focus on satanic, vampiric, and demonic themes.

There is a regular edition, but there is also a special purple vinyl available if you want more than just the standard digital download. It is their fastest release to date. You will quickly find yourself surrounded by its speed and darkness. Eight tracks are included, the final appropriately being titled “Death.” Self-described as a reflection of the recent changes in the band, this introspection translates those tribulations into what we have here, a fast and obscure album. With the major influences of KISS and AC/DC, traditional Thrash is also part of the mix and feel of the band.

The title track, “Blackfire,” is about the rise of a demon/angel through sacrifice, similar to the concept of the cover art created by Columbian artist, Lu Agudelo. From piano in the beginning to speedy guitar madness switching up the tempos throughout, frantic is the speed. Old school lyrically, their style takes me back to the 1980’s, especially while I’m listening to the second song, “Prisoner of The Night.” It is even old school in the feel of the title.

"The Devil Ascends,” comes out on fire with the drums and classic guitar tearing it up from beginning to end, short and sweet, a hot tune, it may be my favorite so far. Speaking of coming out on fire, “Phoenix,” is rising up next with its slower ballad speed starting out before a rip of Thrash Metal picking it back up. It has a nice mix of things happening here, all of the way until the end. A nice solo, double drum speed, even the other band members have more of a role with the backing vocals on this one. Everyone is very talented and contributes evenly on this entire production.

Dirge,” slows it down for something completely different, more of spooky setting and mood is the obvious goal here before the last track gets us back to where we were before. This is a classic metal album and sound with obvious influences from all of the greats that we love and know. If you didn’t know any better, I could tell you that this album was made 35 years ago and first released by Riki Rachtman on Headbangers Ball. I can say that I enjoyed how it felt - took me back to a time and place that I loved.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Triumphal March to Hell
2. Prisoner Of the Night
3. Blackfire
4. Devil Ascends
5. Phoenix
6. Demons Lust
7. Dirge
8. Death
Angel Smolski - Drums
Nico Cattoni - Guitar/Vocals
Cristian Blade - Bass
Jamie Killhead – Guitar
Record Label: Dying Victims Productions


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Edited 29 November 2022

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