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Rat King - Vicious Inhumanity

Rat King
Vicious Inhumanity
by Quinten Serna at 21 January 2020, 10:20 PM

Deep within the sewers and storm drains of Seattle lies several vying voices crafting the underground into something sacrosanct and consecrated, lying at the forefront of the odd and esoteric is, RAT KING, a self-described 'Latin/Groove/Speed/Death Metal' unit. In their presumably sixth year they’ve managed their second full album release, “Vicious Inhumanity”, a natural evolution for the band building off the form and function of their previous release, “Garbage Island”.

The album opens up in similar style to its predecessor having its soundscape focused on slower deliveries before completely dissevering such in favor of a more Speed Metal type of sound, all of which takes place within the first minute of “Matanza”. “Borratanico” sounds off as a brutal progression as the vocals tread in matching the intensity in full of each of the instruments through guttural and shrilled screams. “In Quiet Sleep” begins with a Latin style groove-exemplifying one of the band’s influences - before diverging into a heavier variant of the same type of progression albeit it laden with heavy set growling vocals. “Zero” proves itself to be the most diverse track upon the album commencing with an eldritch acoustic progression which fades into an almost anthem-like progression before slightly changing its course into gliding through a Speed Metal avenue. The final song “Rotting From Inside” is perhaps the most complicated song on the track listing having harmonious leads from both the guitar and bass play over the rhythm accompanying the vocals in the process; the song fades out on a swell leaving the listener in cacophonous silence.

The guitars come off as gritty, sludgy, and crushing a perfect representation of the theme and the motifs found within the music itself. The bass is heavy, forcing, and deep an instrument that not only makes itself known but helps craft the soundscape as a whole. The drums are well-balanced with the rest of the instruments but are a bit inconsistent here and there in their own dynamics such as in the break to “Stranded” where the drums vary wildly in volume. The vocals are exacting and full of grit and distortion, whilst they don’t offer anything impressive or redefining on a technical aspect they mix with the instruments and exemplify the conductivity behind each word.

Borne from volition and a multitude of influences RAT KING delivers unto the world an excellent LP which serves as a credit to their name; the album itself comes up a bit short - around 33 minutes - and the mixing could have been improved in some areas but regardless the music is concrete and solid. For anyone with a penchant towards Speed Metal or more odd niches, “Vicious Inhumanity” is a great addition to their library.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Matanza
2. Borratanico
3. Chaleco De Billetes
4. Soledad
5. In Quiet Sleep
6. Zero
7. Chanchito
8. Stranded
9. Rotting From Inside
Danny - Bass, Vocals
Ricky - Guitars, Vocals
Carlos Delgado  - Drums
Record Label: Within The Mind Records


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