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Rata Blanca - Tormenta Eléctrica Award winner

Rata Blanca
Tormenta Eléctrica
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 August 2015, 5:37 AM

Here in South American, we have thousands of Metal bands, from any Metal style you want to hear. A large part is made of clones (especially those stinking 80s' Metal clones), but the rest are fine and astonishing Metal bands. And in Argentina, a land of a fine people and great Metal maniacs, some fine names can be found, but their greatest name is, without a shadow of doubt, the excellent quintet RATA BLANCA. And what a fine surprise for me is to review their new album, "Tormenta Eléctrica". I even didn't new that they were active, but it really warms my heart to hear a new release from them.

They follow the same way of classical bands as RAINBOW and YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN, or translating clearly in words, a virtuous, elegant and heavy classic Hard Rock. But having a very good and strong personality and without being a clone, we can hear that Walter Giardino is a virtuous guitarist that guides the band's work (without being a nonsense shredder), that uses wisely from fine keyboards, but with a heavy and good rhythmic session done by bass and drums, and how I'm happy to see that Adrián Barilari, one of the finest vocalists in South America, back with them. Yes, I must apologize myself for not knowing that the band's still on the road. But of course that "Tomenta Eléctrica" is another fine album for the band.

The sound quality is excellent, giving them right weight/clearness ratio that their music demands. It is heavy, clear, and with very good taste, as always. Of course they could get a bit better sound quality, but to do so, I think they had to move to Europe or United States. But it's very good the way we find here.

Of course the same heavy and elegant spirit all their works is presented here, but a careful listening should show as their best moments songs as the heavy and catching "Tormenta Eléctrica" (a heavy Hard Rock song, with a fine dynamics between guitars and keyboards, along with an excellent solo), the accessible and nasty "Los Chicos Quieren Rock" (we can feel AC/DC influence on the song, but having a great chorus and fine backing vocals), the abrasive Hard Rock shot on "Rock and Roll Hotel" (the bitter vocals are doing a fine job, along with very good keyboards presence), the excellent "El Jugador", and the heavy adrenaline dose of "Batalla Persa" (a fine and elegant instrumental, being another perfect song with very good riffs and solos, but bass guitar and drums are doing a perfect work as well).

Well, speaking about RATA BLANCA is always a great pleasure.

5 Star Rating

1. Tormenta Eléctrica
2. Los Chicos Quieren Rock
3. Tan Lejos de Aquel Sueño
4. Rock and Roll Hotel
5. Buscando Pelea
6. Rebelde y Solitario
7. El Jugador
8. Señor Espectro
9. Pequeño Angel Oscuro
10. Batalla Persa
11. Mansión de La Adivina
Adrián Barilari - Vocals
Walter Giardino - Guitars
Guillermo Sánchez - Bass
Danilo Moschen - Keyboards
Fernando Scarcella - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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