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Raum Kingdom – Monarch

Raum Kingdom
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 20 January 2023, 6:35 AM

From their EPK, “RAUM KINGDOM started out in late 2013 on the east coast of Ireland when singer Dave Lee and guitarist Andrew Colohan set out to create a soul crushing experience of sonics. When longtime friends, bassist Ronan Connor and drummer Mark Gilchrist joined the line-up, the project was ready to express itself. Their new effort is something beyond everything: emotive, melodic, atmospheric and hypnotizing. A musical journey for our deep senses.” The album has six songs.

“Red Admiral” is the first. I don’t believe I have heard a more sludgy sound, or down-tuned guitars that low. The sound grinds out until the concrete has been completely worn through, with varied vocals…raging harsh, and despondent cleans. “Hairstreak” begins with ominous piano notes, sounding like something from the Halloween soundtrack. Hopeless tones abound, and there hasn’t been any light getting through the window for months. The vocals trade off again in a similar way of the previous song, and the heavy thuds of the riff ensure you aren’t going anywhere in this prison.

“Swallowtail” is a nine-minute beast. It opens with a bit of a jovial jaunt in the drums, and the rhythm guitars and bass are ready to pounce. Clean vocals carry the sound, and the dark grows darker. The harsh tones are brutal and agonizing. Whatever this band has been through, it is some fucked up shit. “Comma” is a shorter offering, but no less nihilistic. Indeed, anger rages perhaps even more in this song. The subject suddenly feels like fighting his demons instead of succumbing to them passively. “Gatekeeper” sounds like a continuation of the fight, or round seven, where you begin to grow weary. You can feel his strength waning as his opponent turns out to be much heavier and stronger than he initially thought.

“PIERIS” closes the album. If you thought the album couldn’t get any nastier, think again. There is a fight between despondence and anger, and anger is winning. Forget about darkness, this song is pitch black at its core. Overall, this is the kind of music your mother warned you about. It’s totally destitute, with peaks of madness. Soul-crushing? Absolutely. But more like soul draining. This album will not only reach into your soul, but it will violently grab a hold of it and rip in out of you, then grind it into ash. To finish the job, it will whip it out and piss on the remains.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Red Admiral
2. Hairstreak
3. Swallowtail
4. Comma
5. Gatekeeper
Niall Gregory – Bass
Mark Gilchrist – Drums
Andrew Colohan – Guitars
Dave Lee – Vocals
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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