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Raum Kingdom – Raum Kingdom

Raum Kingdom
Raum Kingdom
by Jess at 09 September 2014, 10:10 PM

RAUM KINGDOM is a four piece from Ireland who released their debut self-titled EP, “Raum Kingdom” in April of 2014. “Raum Kingdom” is five tracks with just under 30 minutes of listening time. These guys are influenced by greats like CULT OF LUNA, NEUROSIS, AMENRA, TOOL and DEFTONES. With names like these, RAUM KINGDOM is setting their bar high for creative, thought provoking music.

Through first listen, the album has incredible atmosphere and a prodigious Alternative Metal feel. There is a daunting sound throughout their music and while they use a harsher growled vocal, there are also clean vocals that create a great contrast within their music and from their influenced list; which is dead on in describing their music type. This debut EP is Alternative in nature, but has tons of atmospheric undertones and elements that allow it to follow through you.

Raum Kingdom” starts with its best track “Wounds”; which is a low key track throughout. It sets the tone for what’s to come on the album. The guitars, drums, and bass are so in tuned to each other on this track that they are seamlessly one. The addition of the vocals here are more instrumental than lyrical, although the lyrics are easy to understand and follow extremely well with the rest of the music.

Track two “Barren Objects” reminds be a bit of TOOL off “AEnima” in the beginning but changes as it progresses to be quite an original piece from RAUM KINGDOM. Again sticking with the lower sound on this track, everything is beautifully written. The clean vocals on this track are weak and sound tired. These vocals are much different from those in the rest of the EP and take away from the flow of the track a bit, but that flow is found again with track three “Cross Reference”. “Cross Reference” is a spoken frantic peace that brings everything back to a center point. There is an interesting point of view of over consumption and digital overload.

Track four “These Open Arms” lead in slowly from the end of “Cross Reference” but explodes into one of the hard tracks on the album. This track is a little discombobulated in reference to the drums.
The final track on “Raum Kingdom” is “This Sullen Hope”. This track comes in at almost ten minutes of listening time, the longest of the album. It is also one of the more artistic and creative pieces. Everything here is completely in sync. This track is written with beauty.

Raum Kingdom” is some of the best new Alternative Metal I have had the opportunity to listen to. If you are a fan of TOOL, CYNIC or DEFTONES give RAUM KINGDOM a listen. They are very good and this EP is hopefully the start of some great music from these guys.

4 Star Rating

1. Wounds
2. Barren Objects
3. Cross Reference
4. These Open Arms
5. This Sullen Hope
Dave Lee- Vocals
Andrew Colohan – Guitars
Ronan Connor – Bass
Mark Gilchrist – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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