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Ravage - Return Of The Spectral Rider

Return Of The Spectral Rider
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 May 2017, 11:31 PM

To be or not to be? A comeback or just a reprise? These are the questions. It has been almost a decade since the first time that I came to witness the true Heavy Metal power of the traditional US devotees, RAVAGE. But after 2009, presenting a sophomore album that was quite great, which also had the close attention of Metal Blade Records, poof, the band went underground, lost without a trace.

I guess that last year was a sort of a turn of the tide for Al Ravage and his mates, and the band already issued a cut from this here release. When I received the promo I thought to myself how awesome will it be to listen to something new from these guys after all this time. Well I was in an error. RAVAGE does have something but it is not new. It is a sort of reliving the band with a look to the future, a re-recording of their debut album, issued originally in 2005. Better sound, better musicianship, the works and all independently. Believe me when I say that it didn't tire.

RAVAGE has been all about melodies and pedal to the Metal speeding, material written with good vibe and energies that resulted in tightness and a classic Metal feeling. IRON MAIDEN is without a doubt their primary influence, but you can also add in other European giants such as HELLOWEEN and RUNNING WILD to the canister. Other than the drums’ production, everything sounded strong and right on the edge of your face with a wholesome of attitude, especially the guitar playing quality achieved greatness. Catchiness has its virtues in particular if done in the MAIDEN path.

I haven't listened to the RAVAGE’s debut in years and this release served as a wonderful reminder. “The Wicked Way” was the first to have my head spinning around, letting the nostalgia right in for a coffee to talk about the old days. “Curse Of Heaven” created a sort of a sing-along but battered even harder with its riffs and massive soloing. “The Wasteland” made sure that no old school stone was left unturned. Not too aggressive but showing fists of leather and spikes with brash of amazing melodies.

This debut re-recording is a fine attempt of the band to keep its name out there, it is a good record indeed, yet I am waiting for fresh stuff, new material out of these guys’ burning minds.


4 Star Rating

1. Dies Irae
2. Spectral Rider
3. Turn the Screw
4. The Wicked Way
5. Masque of Black Death
6. Ravage Part 1: Damage
7. Whyvern
8. Curse Of Heaven
9. Wake the Dead
10. The Wasteland
11. Bring Down the Hellhammer
12. The King Forgotten
13. Father of the Atom
Al Ravage - Vocals
Eli Firicano - Guitar
Nick Izzo - Guitar
Derek Jay - Drums
Tommy G - Bass
Record Label: Society For Worldwide Ravage Recordings


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