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Ravager – Eradicate.Annihilate.Exterminate.

by Aiden Baker at 20 March 2017, 12:12 AM

RAVAGER is a German thrash metal band Formed in 2014 from Walsrode, Lower Saxony. They released their first EP “Alarm Clock Terror” in 2016, followed up by their debut album “Eradicate…Annihilate…Exterminate…” this year.

The album opens with “Burn the Cross” I wouldn’t have put this track first as it features some of weakest vocals and lyrics on the album. The drums are sharp yet consistent and  the guitar is impressively played however both sound uninspired. The vocalist is talented however his potential is not reached here. “Death bringer” is the second track, with a slow build up that then jumps to light speed it`s not to be missed. Honestly I dare you to sit down while this song is playing, I believe it to be impossible. The song is rather sparse on vocals, however Phipsi is much better here and gives a stellar performance, this track definitely sticks in your head. “Human sacrifice” and “War Without Wnd” are two well distinguished songs which sum up the album very well and “War Without End” would have made a great album opener. In the chaos of these two songs the bass guitarist holds it all together excellently. That goes for the rest of the album too, he is extremely gifted in his field, many could learn from him. “Alarm Clock Terror” is by far the best song on this album. It is immense, monster guitar playing, earth shaking bass, violent vocals and strong drum playing throughout the entire time, makes this a track never to forget. If the rest of the album were to the standard of this song I would have no trouble giving it 10 out of 10.

This album was definitely put together with a lot of heart and passion. As mentioned before, I would have wished “Burn the Cross” wasn’t the opening track, as I feel it represents the album poorly and may put many potential listeners off. With the addition of “Unknown Dreams” and “Superior Forces” are quite forgettable due to their generic sound, I fear for the albums longevity. The high points of this album however are very high and I have no doubt that with a little practice and persistence RAVAGER will get far. The three mediocre songs do not ruin the entire album they merely hinder it . Although this album may not go down in the history books it’s a brilliant launchpad for this bands career.

Song writing: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Burn The Cross
2. Deathbringer
3. Human Sacrifice
4. War Without End
5. The Walking Dead
6. Superior Forces
7. Unknown Dreams
8. Trapped Inside
9. Dr Mad
10. Alarm Clock Terror
André Sawade – Drums
Marcel Lehr – Guitars
Dario – guitars
Phipsi – vocals
Justus Mahler - bass
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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Edited 05 February 2023

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