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Rave In Fire - Sons of a Lie Award winner

Rave In Fire
Sons Of A Lie
by Chris Hicklin at 28 June 2022, 5:01 PM

Active since 2015, the inexplicably named Spanish Metallers RAVE IN FIRE gifted us a five track EP back in 2018. Since then, besides turning over band members at a rate of knots, they have been working on their debut album release; and here it is “Sons of a Lie,” thirty-six minutes of finely tuned Metal madness.

Leading off with a short, classic synth-heavy intro to build a little atmosphere, first track “Shout” quickly shows its hand, with a tight and percussive guitar riff from band founder and leader Jonjo Negrete that resolves with a loin stirring bit of melodic jangle. Being a single-guitar band, they are presumably considering their live performance and so there is very little in the way of overdubs or twin guitar leads, although towards the end of the song the main riff is complimented by a short and very tastefully placed harmonising run that makes the riff really pop. Negrete is more than capable of producing a room filling sound with just the one guitar, and it is refreshing not to hear guitar saturation in Traditional Heavy Metal for once. I mean, we all love MAIDEN, but nobody needs three lead guitarists! Selene Perdiguero’s vocals are strong, powerful and carry a tune effortlessly, there is a slightly awkward transition from the immensely shoutable chorus back into the verse, but as an initial overture, this is a great album opener.

Title track “Sons of a Lie” takes a similar approach, but this time dials up the melody somewhat, giving Selene Perdiguero a much better workout, especially on the choruses which intertwine another rock solid and detailed riff with a soaring melodic vocal. We are also treated to a technically brilliant guitar solo which visits every part of the fretboard. With the third track “Bite the Fire,” I am forced to pause and consider why this band seems to enjoy doing so many unlikely things with fire, when they aren’t dancing around in it they are apparently trying to eat it. That aside the song demonstrates the band can do more than just explode into action and barrel towards a conclusion, as the song drops in a few well timed and considered breakdowns and instrumental interludes that play around with shades and textures, creating a very satisfying sonic experience.

The intro to “The Healer” shows off Negrete’s enviable selection of guitar tones, a slick squealing guitar solo section gives Jaime "Jimi" Susanna and Sara Carretero a chance to showcase both the power and the delicate work of the rhythm section as they provide first a pounding and driving accompaniment and then a trippy intricate section, while Negrete works his melodic magic over the top.

Never Forget” seems to have the intention of a power ballad, although several parts of the song skew too heavy to really consider it to be one, nevertheless, the intensely graceful verses are our best opportunity yet to appreciate the superb set of pipes on Perdiguero. Need I mention that there is another superlative guitar solo? Probably not.
Set Me Free“is a fairly straightforward rocker, before “Memories” comes along. There is an amusing anecdote to be found on Youtube from drummer Jaime detailing his almost throwing up on the drums during his take and using the take as it was. Whether this is related to the party sounds that introduce the track is unknown. It’s more of a Hard Rock affair than the rest of the album, even conjuring some sounds of WHITESNAKE-like Hair Metal, but this is not to its detriment. Not a fan of the fade out, but I’ll let that slide as it is a typically 80s way to go out.

I am not sure about the decision to end the album on what is the only straight ballad to be found on the release, although even this picks up at the midway point for a final and highly melodic blast of Negrete’s soloing abilities. I will say that he has one of the tightest palm mutes in the business as well.
You’ve probably already figured out that I very much enjoyed this release, it doesn’t let itself down at any point, the production is superb, and each member gives a mathematically maximum one hundred percent to the affair. Whatever pain the band went through to reach this final line-up was well worth it, from the listener’s point of view at least. A stellar debut.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Shout
2. Sons of A Lie
3. Bite the Fire
4. The Healer
5. Never Forget
6. Set Me Free
7. Memories
8. The Last Night
Jaime "Jimi" Susanna - Drums
Jonjo Negrete - Guitars
Sara Carretero - Bass
Selene Perdiguero - Vocals 
Record Label: Iron Oxide Records


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Edited 09 February 2023

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