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Raven's Creed - ­ Ravens Kreig Award winner

Raven's Creed
Ravens Krieg
by Michael Coyle at 27 January 2016, 8:40 PM

RAVEN’S CREED is a Death Metal band hailing from London England. The band first formed in 2006 as an Independent band. Later in the band's career, around 2007, the band would be signed to the label Land O'Smiles. At the same time, we would see the band release their first EP entitled "Militia Of Blood Sacrifice”. Through the band's early career they would release another EP on the label Doomentia Records, giving way to their 2009 EP release titled “Neon Parasite”. In the same year, the band would finally release their first full-length release entitled “Albion Thunder”. In 2010, the band releases a split with the band SOLLUBI from Pennsylvania on the label Choking Hazard Records. Within this split the band would add their songs “Five Witches Of Nine” and “Hearse Fokker”. As the years would continue they would later release another EP entitled “Nestless” and then another titled “Wild”, which would give fans another record, which would be in the works. This was 2012's album which came to be with the full-length record "The Power", which now leads us to today's review of RAVEN CREED's latest title “Raven’s Krieg” on Xtreem Music.

What I can say as far the band have had a journey that has given them experience and has helped to build their tone to a new heights. The start of the records first track "Rock Cemetery" heads in fast and is relentless with some of the most relentless drum work I've heard in a long time. The track itself though as a whole is a great way to start with, there are no long intro's there are no build ups. Honestly it's great how this track starts off the way you want it to without delay, and straight into the brutality that this song has already presented to us. The "Rock Cemetery" is a hard hitter that breaks out without anything holding it back which is something I really like about this song, though as it is you can really feel the bass and drums hitting you at the back of the skull.

The record thus far has been able to present itself as a true take back to the older fashion of extreme music while using ideas that compile together perfectly. In terms of a large and destructive tone that shatters the walls, and lets loose everything that it has. If anything, we can see a lot of Black Metal influence within this record as there are points where the tone can get fast, ut then it creates a sort of build towards the ideas of early blackened Death Metal. This may or may not been influence on the band playing on this record, either way what we get is something that has no control and for a lot of extreme music fans this is certainly the key.

Through the songs "Riding The Pillock" and "VIP Treatment" we see the band going in between the slow to the fast while using a straight-to-the-point method to which we have seen so far on this record. The point really is that the band have this all figured out in terms of songs that really dead damage while still being able to use elements of groove and themes of wr and destruction, which really for this record work together in full and present the band in a greater light towards what they are doing as a whole unit.

To conclude, the record holds some of the better work of the last year, giving way to some of the best drum and guitar work I have heard from a band. To say that this band is tight as a whole would be an understatement, as the band have been able to show that there are still so many ideas you can pack into a record.

4 Star Rating

1. Rock Cemetery
2. Palmer The Harmer
3. Jungle Justice
4. Riding The Pillock
5. Lecturn Of Burning Swords Reversed
6. Victory In Defeat
7. VIP treatment
8. Go Home
9. Bitten By Witch Fever
10. Brigade '77
11. Dirty Diary
12. While You Were Sleeping
13. Carrion Screaming
Al Osta -­ Vocals
Steve Watson -­ Guitars
Rod Boston ­- Bass
Jay Graham ­- Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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