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Ravencult - Temples Of Torment (CD)

Temples Of Torment
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 29 July 2007, 3:55 PM

Pure Black Metal holocaust!!! These were the first words that came into my mind upon listening to RAVENCULT's brand new album Temples Of Torment. I had the chance to see this band performing live last year as a support act to IMPALED NAZARENE and now it is time to see what they can do in the studio, too. Turn your crosses upside down, wear your black shining leather and follow me into the blackest of the black nightmares.

The Athenian black metallers are here to present their debut album (at last)! I have been watching this band since its formation and I was always seeing demos and EP's! I was starting to think that they'd end up releasing numerous non full-length CD's until they release their debut studio album. Anyway, the time has come and this is the first time I will be able to listen to a complete RAVENCULT release.

Temples Of Torment is an album whose sound is pretty close to everything RAVENCULT have released so far. Nordic ice-cold Black Metal that pays tribute to the masters. BATHORY, CELTIC FROST and DARKTHRONE have definitely donated their blood to this band. This band doesn't compromise and delivers an old school filthy assault full of merciless blasts and blasphemous melodies! At last, an album makes me believe there is still some great shit breathing life into the underground Black Metal scene. Just think that RAVENCULT is Dark Essence's first signing outside of Norway!

The sound is also exactly what this band's music needs. Filthy and raw, yet not shitty and cult with buried guitars and stuff like that. Credits go to Knut Magne Valle who was the producer and is known for his participation in bands like ARCTURUS and ULVER. Don't get confused, no avant-garde stuff in here. Only straight in your face Black Metal that will leave you begging for mercy.

One more thing I liked was the cult cover, which was made by Stephen O'Malley, SUN O)))'s member. As you can see, this album is what an old school Black Metal fan would ask for. No, not better than other releases I have reviewed so far, but not overloaded with synths and ambient sounds to impress me. DODHEIMSGARD's psycho tunes were great, ROTTING CHRIST's mix of Black Metal and Greek music was also great, but it is time for some grim blasphemy! RAVENCULT are here to remind us of the roots and all we have to do is to listen to them!

It would be rude not to mention that RAVENCULT have shared the stage with titans like MAYHEM, AURA NOIR, BEHEMOTH, ARCTURUS and many more.

3 Star Rating

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L - Vocals
S - Guitar
S - Bass
K - Drums
Record Label: Dark Essence Records


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