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Ravenous Death – Visions From The Netherworld

Ravenous Death
Visions From The Netherworld
by Thomas Kumke at 30 March 2022, 10:25 PM

RAVENOUS DEATH were formed in 2016 and they are from Guadalajara, Mexico. The traditional Death Metal band released so far one EP and “Visions From The Netherworld” is the second full-length album. The band name is based on the VOMITARY song “The Ravenous Dead”. The album was recorded at MB Records Studio in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was mastered by Loic Fontaine at the Krucyator Studio in France. “Visions From The Netherworld” was released via Spanish Death and Doom Metal specialists Memento Mori. It has a length of about 63 minutes.

Death Metal has a long history in the Mexican underground scene. Although, Mexican Death Metal bands never really got famous unlike their counterparts from US, Europe, and partially Brazil, the quality of their music has never been in doubt. While many Mexican Death Metal bands have their role models in Florida or Brazil in terms of the sound, RAVENOUS DEATH are among the few bands looking over the pond to Europe and their first full-length album “Chapters Of An Evil Transition” received some attention also beyond the underground.

One feature of “Visions From The Netherworld” is the length of the album. A playing time of more than one hour is rather the exception than the rule in Death Metal. It all starts with “Intro – Trail Of Horrors” which is not really an intro apart from the first minute. After that the Death Metal assault begins with insane speed and aggression, tight guitar riffing, hammering drums, and growling vocals and screams which are mostly at the medium end of the guttural range. The mid-tempo break creates a spine-chilling atmosphere including the short, but contributing lead guitar solo. The madness seamlessly continues with “Caverns Of Freezing Torture” which is very chaotic with lots of changes in guitar riffing and rhythms. The track is dominated by the guitars which includes a few lead guitar parts.

Plethora Of Blood” and “Kingdom Of Eternal Flames” are both a frantic pummeling, but with a more direct and clearer structured riffing and with more dominant vocal contribution compared to “Caverns Of Freezing Torture”. “Plethora Of Blood” contains a down-tempo break, which provides a grim atmosphere with an almost stomping rhythm and blood-freezing lead guitar parts combined with the screams of Victor Mercado. “Kingdom Of Eternal Flames” has a few mid-tempo parts and it includes another short lead guitar solo. The lead guitar solos on the album are not overly technical, but they contribute very well to each track.

Gore World Dismemberment” is one of the album highlights. It maintains the aggression and chilling atmosphere, but with a clear and direct structure. The drumming on the track is second to none, so is the guitar riffing. “Hydra Dungeon” has a slow and dark beginning before it transitions into chaos. Large parts are played at blistering speed, but there is a number of twists in tempo and rhythm. Most notably, the mid-tempo parts contain a few Thrash Metal inspired guitar riffs.

The bludgeoning on “Visions From The Netherworld” essentially never stops and RAVENOUS DEATH have no mercy with the listener. “Path Of The Spawn Dogs” and “Burnt Children Of Moloch” are again very chaotic in terms of textures. “Path Of The Spawn Dogs” comes with a mid-tempo part which includes early SEPULTURA vibes in the riffing. “Burnt Children Of Moloch” has a cool down-tempo part with an extended lead guitar solo, which is the highlight of the track.

At this point, the length of the album starts to become a bit exhaustive which is a bit of a shame, because “Serpents Of Wretchedness” is an awesome track in particular because of the doom-laden sound in between all the insanity of the percussive riffing and the bass lines. “Portals To Non-Existence” is the single of the album and the YouTube link is given below. The final track “The Ascending Chasm” is an almost nine minutes long, excellent piece of music and it has all the best elements what Death Metal can offer: aggression, dark atmosphere, bone-chilling down-tempo parts, powerful guitar riffing at mid-tempo, and parts at crazy speed with hammering drums, crunching bass lines, sharp guitar riffing, and lead guitar parts that intensify the blood-freezing atmosphere. “The Ascending Chasm” is another album highlight and the perfect way to end the album.

RAVENOUS DEATH deliver a very good Death Metal album. “Visions From The Netherworld” is a one hour pummeling at insane speed with a chilling atmosphere. The sound of the album is unique with some Swedish Death Metal inspirations and some Brazilian Thrash Metal vibes at times. The downside is the very long playing time, which makes it very difficult to maintain the focus on the album. However, songs like “Serpents Of Wretchedness” and “The Ascending Chasm” show what RAVENOUS DEATH is capable of. The production of the album is raw. With “Visions From The Netherworld”, RAVENOUS DEATH improve in all areas and Death Metal fans will surely dig the new album of this promising band.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  9
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro – Trail Of Horrors
2. Caverns Of Freezing Torture
3. Plethora Of Blood
4. Kingdom Of Eternal Flames
5. Gore World Dismemberment
6. Hydra Dungeon
7. Path Of The Spawn Dogs
8. Burnt Children Of Moloch
9. Serpents Of Wretchedness
10. Portals To Non-Existence
11. The Ascending Chasm
Victor Mercado – Vocals
Enrique Frey – Guitars
Esteban Salcedo – Drums
Alejandro Mendez – Bass
Record Label: Memento Mori


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