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Ravens Creed – Get Killed or Die Trying

Ravens Creed
Get Killed or Die Trying
by Brian “Metal” Morton at 19 August 2018, 5:59 PM

Formed in 2006 out of London, England comes RAVENS CREED and their fourth full length album “Get Killed or Die Trying”. Up first is the intro and first track “Unrelenting Supremacy” which is a mixture of Death and Thrash metal. This song as well as the rest on the album are pretty short, so if you have a really bad attention span when it comes to music you will love it.

“Dead Bird on Winchester Street” sounds like it is just an extension of the first song. But Al Ostas vocals are on point as well as Steve Watsons Guitar playing. I am actually happy that I can hear the bass for once in a band played by Rod Boston. I would have to say the thing that stands out the most is the drums played by Jay Graham. “Death on a Rival” is the second shortest song on the album at a little over a minute and a half. Its pretty good for such a short song.

The self titled track “Get Killed or Die Trying” is so far my favorite song on the album. It sounds like old school Death Metal. All the instruments and vocals are really put together well on this song. “Hymn & Hearse” is quite in your face and reminds me a little of DEATH. “Off With Their Legs” sounds like if SIX FEET UNDER went old school, it actually works really well. This is one of my favorites for sure. Next up we have “Treacherous Rector” and its a real headbanger. It made me want to do the windmill but alas my hair is not long enough. Its a really great song and I will add it to my driving playlist for sure. “Rats Beneath Our Feet” is the eighth song on the album and it really keeps the ball rolling of this Thrash/Death Metal album.

This next track is absolutely one of my favorites but sadly it is the shortest song on the album. “Remember the Hammer” kicks a whole lot of ass and sounds very Punk. It has a great rhythm that stands out among the other songs. “Sound of Sirens” is the tenth song on the album and keeps up the Punk feel and is really an awesome addition to the album. Now we are at “When a Deaf Man Goes Blind” which is the longest song at two minutes and fifty four seconds. It sounds a lot like if SLAYER got a little poppy, not a bad song though just different.

“The Trauma of Being Hunted” is the second to last song, it really shows the feel of the whole album in one song. And finally the “Outro” which is silent for about a minute and then ends with some really great chug and of course the sound of screams and ravens. All in all not a bad album, will I keep the whole album? Most assuredly not.

Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 3
Originality: 4
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Intro/Unrelenting Supremacy
2. Dead Bird on Winchester Street
3. Death on a rival
4. Get Killed or Die Trying
5. Hymn & Hearse
6. Off With Their Legs
7. Treacherous Rector
8. Rats Beneath Our Feet
9. Remember the Hammer
10. Sound of Sirens
11. When a Deaf Man Goes Blind
12. The Trauma of Being Hunted
13. Outro
Rod Boston – Bass
Jay Graham – Drums
Steve Watson – Guitars
Al Osta – Vocals
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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