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Ravenscry - Attraction Of Opposites Award winner

Attraction Of Opposites
by Daniel Fox at 15 May 2014, 11:24 PM

RAVENSCRY are a true gem of a band, whom I have been following since their first album was released in 2011. I had found a band that, truly and uncompromisingly, sounded like no other, and so it was to no small pleasure or surprise to hear of a second release slated for 2014. "Attraction of Opposites" is a brash, bigger, more mature and more diverse than "One Way Out", which was already an excellent piece of work. For the unfortunately unaware: picture a Melodic Death Metal band with an exceptionally skilled, female clean singer, and you have the Italian enigma that is RAVENSCRY.

"Luxury of a Distraction" is a down tuned, neck-snapping heavyweight in its inception, which translates to an organic groove permeated by Giulia's unique and hauntingly beautiful vocals which carry with them a strong, rhythmic poetry. One of the album's strongest tracks (not that I could find a weak one), the band could not have chosen a better track to open with. "Missing Words", the recently-released music video, is a strangely-suitable mix between LACUNA COIL-like Goth Metal and the burning heaviness of Melodic Death Metal, layered with a vocal approach that results in a melding of metals that I cannot think of many bands could match with such effectiveness. On top of this, the track is full of infectiously catchy hooks, especially in its powerful choruses.

"The Big Trick" is one of the album's more weighty heavy hitters, dominated by an aggressive, living wall of riffs that drown one's ears in sonic gravity. The vocal approach taken in this track is an interesting one, sometimes taking a backseat to allow the guitars shrine and acting in a different role with intriguing use of vocal effects during various verses. Alas, the talented Giulia belts numbing choruses regardless. The guitar solo in this track wraps up the piece with a lofty and adventurous series of wails and tremolos. The final track, "ReaLies", is arguably one of the record's more dynamic pieces; longer, and therefore making more room for in-track variation. Hard-hitting riffs and emotional chord progressions are spliced by dreamy interludes which make way for incredibly well-written choruses. Topped with emotive lead work, it is an example that best represents the band's blessed grasp of songwriting.

RAVENSCRY are a band that I simply am glad exist in the metal world; playing and winning with the trump card of incomparable uniqueness on both a first and second record.

5 Star Rating

1. Luxury of a Distraction
2. The Witness
3. Missing Words
4. Alive
5. The Big Trick
6. Touching the Rain
7. Cynic
8. Living Today
9. Third Millennium Man
10. Noir Desire
11. Ink
12. Your Way
13. ReaLies
Giulia Stefani – Vocals
Paul Raimondi – Guitars
Mauro Paganelli – Guitars
Andrea "Fagio" Fagiuoli – Bass
Simon Carminati – Drums
Record Label: Revalve Records


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