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Ravensire - The Cycle Never Ends

The Cycle Never Ends
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 09 March 2016, 7:46 PM

NWOBHM was a great trend on the first half of the 80s, but it still has a great impact nowadays. The main reason for that passion is due the ample range of musical forms of playing Metal born on those days. And those proto-forms of Metal that came before 1986 are being done once more on our days. This is what the Lusitanian quartet RAVENSIRE offers on "The Cycle Never Ends", their new album.

Ok, they are really good in their work, this way of playing traditional Heavy Metal that has the same elements from NWOBHM with touches of old Germ Metal school. But they aren't building anything different from what already is done. Their songs are good and catching as well, but it isn't original. And I think that this style is really empty.

The sound quality is something that really needs more attention. It's too raw for a band in this same style. It demands to be clearer, and the tunes are good, but could be way better. If it is a tentative to sound like those albums from the past, just forget them, and try to do your best today. There aren't laws against it, you know…

All their songs are good and we really can keep some of their parts in an easy way. "Cromlech Revelations" is full of energy and has some excellent riffs and a fine work. The lovely and strong "Crosshaven" (once more, fine and hooking guitars, but with some very good vocals, with tunes that can remind the first era from Blackie Lawless). On "Procession of the Dead", the tempo flows in good slow tempos, creating a martial feeling, with very good work on bass and drums. On "White Pillars Trilogy: Part III - Temple at the End of the World", we can see a good song, energized by guitars and a powerful work of bass and drums. These are their best moments, but the whole album is good as well.

A good work, but it really needs a better sound production, as well as the band can put more of its members on the songs.

3 Star Rating

1. Cromlech Revelations
2. Crosshaven
3. Solitary Vagrant
4. Procession of the Dead
5. Trapped in Dreams
6. White Pillars Trilogy: Part I - Eternal Sun
7. White Pillars Trilogy: Part II - Blood and Gold
8. White Pillars Trilogy: Part III - Temple at the End of the World
Rick Thor - Bass, Vocals
Nuno Mordred - Guitars
Zé RockHard - Guitars
F - Drums
Record Label: Cruz del Sur Music


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