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Ravensire - We March Forward

We March Forward
by Kostas Kiriakis at 19 July 2014, 11:59 AM

I don't think that anyone could argue that the metal scene is becoming more complex with each passing day. A huge amount of bands find their way to our speakers, especially now with the internet, and countless genre fusions emerge, just for the sake of trying to be different. It can be fun sometimes, but usually its a lose-lose situation, both for the bands and the fans. Because music is something you do, not something you plan. Thankfully there are many bands that really play metal and leave the planning to the riff-raff. It only takes time and patience to find which is which.

The Lisbon-based four man act RAVENSIRE released their debut album “We March Forward” last autumn. Now it's time for the LP reissue through Eat Metal Records. I'm really happy to do this review, because having seen them live once, I can state for a fact that these guys are no riff-raff. For those unaware we're talking about a Heavy Metal band not unlike legendary epic bands from the early 80s, like HEAVY LOAD, MANOWAR, RUNNING WILD, or VIRGIN STEELE, just to name a few.

Clocking at 47 minutes, “We March Forward” has everything a metal fan longs for. What is really amazing is that old school traditional Heavy Metal can sound so fresh 30 years after its inception when performed by such talented musicians as RAVENSIRE. Rick's gritty melodic vocal performance is just amazing. Killer guitars, courtesly of Nuno and , from ripping riffage to schorching melodic solos, that are just fantastic, plus a rhythm section loosely relaxed yet always on point, laying the foundation for those epic lyrical kick ass tunes RAVENSIRE have conconcted. Highlights? Truth be told, I can't choose. In my opinion “We March Forward” is a listen from start to end kind of album. That, and a big FU to all those innovation-wannabes plaguing our ears lately.

While “We March Forward” sounds like a paradox of a title, since it could have easily been released in the mid 80s, it can be interpreted in another way. When you are true and faithful to your roots you are indeed moving forward. A job well done guys. Now get that next album out soon!

4 Star Rating

1. Dark Abyss
2. Night of the Beast Slayer
3. Gates of Ilion
4. Fate is Inexorable
5. Drawing the Sword
6. Iron Pits
7. Mire of Delusion
8. Homecoming
9. Beyond the Portcullis
10. Warriors to the Slaughter
Rick Thor – Vocals, Bass
Nuno Mordred – Guitar
Zé RockHard – Guitar
F – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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