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Raw Silk - The Borders Of Light

Raw Silk
The Borders Of Light
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 September 2017, 11:38 PM

Coming back after a long period of time has its advantages, whether its maturity, additional experience, learning from past mistakes, you name it, everything nice and tidy in a neat package. After taking a second hiatus, is a cause effect for a growing urge, an appetite to get back in the game, back to the writing table and studio to come up with new material. Of course that it is a subjective matter, but at least it may serve as a good opening for this comeback band. In overall, it has been almost two decades since Greek / British Hard Rock / AOR band RAW SILK released their debut album, which was critically acclaimed by the media. Undoubtedly, after the band’s second reunion, things were ought to change for the better and apparently that it was time to forge a sophomore, a follower that would be in the standard of the debut. It was only a matter of time until “The Borders of Light”, via the band’s Fame Of Poets Records, showed up in the market.

I have had my fair share of AOR veined albums, sharing similar motifs that often led them to become greasy and overly cheesy, when it came down to “The Borders of Light”, I noticed the difference after several songs. Gathering qualities of Hard Rock, late 80s AOR, Blues and bursts of traditional Metal, the harmonic genre cross regained its relevance in these modern times, bringing the song oriented Rock back to the table, stronger and creative than ever. RAW SILK didn’t need to complex things up in order to gain attention. On the contrary, the implementation of the simpler elements such as keyboards, and a share of dreamy atmosphere, acoustic guitars and female backing vocals, told the whole story right there, adding layers of drama to a set of memorable, yet also imaginative songs in comparison to other tunes of the genre. I specifically liked the blending of vocal patterns and imaginary battle between the acoustic and electric guitaring, each to its own with perfect timing.

Like in the course of most AOR albums, the power of the song may as well be the key for the album’s success. “The Borders of Light” also have this kind of tunes to offer such as the album’s lead single “Nobody Fills the Loneliness”, one of my favorites, “Out of Reach” and the clincher “Distressed and Powerless”. Nonetheless, I sensed that RAW SILK gave more room to their artistic nature other than following the Popish vibe, laying down tracks such as emotive harbinger of class “The Borders of Light”, certainly one of the best songs of the genre made in the last couple of years, showing off beyond normality. The final calling “Solitude of Pain” came right afterwards, presenting a sweeping balladry, short enough to make you wish there was an extra minute or two. “Chimera” is another oddity, the album’s chief atmospheric track, somewhat reminding the YES universe minus the Progressive vibe.

Fans of such AOR / Hard Rock heroes as JOURNEY / FOREIGNER / ASIA / FM will probably take more pleasure in this one. Even so, there is a shrapnel of Metal within the corners of the release, therefore, it is open for any headbanger or music fan that quality is at a higher importance. Honestly, I have no idea if this album surpassed the debut or not, I guess you will have to tell me that yourselves.

Purchase Link: Raw Silk

4 Star Rating

1. One Lifetime
2. Nobody Fills the Loneliness
3. Chimera
4. Night Time Angels
5. The Road You’ve Taken
6. Losing My Mind
7. Distressed and Powerless
8. Out of Reach 8.
9. The Borders of Light
10. Solitude of Pain
Chris Dando – Vocals, Keyboards
Daryl Gardner –  Rhythm Guitar
Kostas Kyriakidis – Drums, Keyboards
James Marshall Stanley – Lead Guitar
Paul Thompson – Bass
James Barratt – Acoustic Guitars
Stephanie Fowler – Vocals
Record Label: Fame Of Poets Records


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