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Rawkfist - Chryseus

by Jonathan Maphet at 27 March 2011, 4:34 PM

RAWKFIST is symphonic metal band from Germany. As with so many symphonic metal bands, the vocalist is a female that could do a good job of singing opera if she was so inclined.  It seems as if these bands are springing up like weeds all over the place. If you like this type of music, then obviously that’s a good thing. The music is epic and full of grandeur.
Sabine has a hauntingly beautiful voice. It is almost angelic in quality. I imagine I am being serenaded by an angel while listening to her sing. She also has sensual quality about her singing. Thank God she is making real music and not putting out garbage for the MTV generation. I could do without the song Minstrel which leaves her all by herself out in the open without any musical support for about two whole minutes. Her vocals are more notes than lyrics. I think she needed back up in that song. I don’t like the karaoke feel at all, but she manages well enough. The overall theme of the album is most likely meant to be beauty and majesty simply because her vocals demand it. Also, you may just have to shoot for that when you’re such a soft metal band.

The guitar is good and has a nice crunch, but there simply isn’t enough of it present throughout the entire album. In some songs Sabine seems to be doing dual vocals with pre-recorded tracks of herself. Tons of bands do this, so I have no problem with it. I guess it is needed if you’re the only decent singer in the band. Maybe she isn’t, but I simply cannot tell with what I am presented with. The title track of the album simply plods along for far too many minutes and leaves you watching the clock waiting for it to be over. To me it sounds like too much is handed to Sabine to carry by herself with only a drumbeat to sing along with. The guitar fades in and out too much, then the piano chimes in, but I believe she needs more guitar support. These guys need to learn that guitar is extremely essential to heavy metal and to keep it going instead of using other instruments in its place. At the very least, accompany the guitar with the rest of the instruments, but don’t simply turn it off and on over and over again.

The ability is here. They can play well enough, but the music is lacking punch. Sabine has a genuinely beautiful voice and is capable of elevating the music entirely on her own, but she is not capable of carrying it all by herself. She needs more help than she is given. I may be overstating how dramatic the absence of power chords is during her singing. I am sure I am a bit over zealous in my critique, but it is my job to examine and critique what I believe to be flaws. As to the level of those flaws, they are obviously up to each individual as to how seriously the effect the overall product, but for me, they need to focus more on the metal. I am basically neutral on this album. I do not recommend it, nor do I think you should go out of your way to avoid it. It is true that there are other bands out there more deserving of your money, but there is also the fact that Sabine is absolutely fantastic, so perhaps she deserves to be paid for her terrific performance. As is always the case in the entertainment field, the choice is up to you. Once again myspace is here to save the day. Check them out on that site before making up your mind. Finally, I think their name is lacking. How about using “Tears of Sanguinity” instead? That would be a much better band name and they have my permission to use it.

2 Star Rating

1. To those who pretend
2. Chryseus
3. The sword of Xiphea
4. Revelation
5. My heart untamed
6. Silent war
7. They made me walk the plank
8. Invincible
9. While I was writing
10. Deceitful shadows
11. White Rose
12. Minstrel
Sabine - Vocals
Manu - Guitar
Markus - Drums
Felix - Keys
Michael - Bass
Record Label: Black Bards Entertaiment


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