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Rawtism – Raw And Off Its Head

Raw And Off Its Head
by Olly Harris at 25 June 2021, 1:50 AM

"Raw And Off Its Head" is a fun Thrash Metal that is a show case of how fun the genre can be and I think that it’s pretty clear that this band don’t take them self’s to seriously which is quite refreshing as personally I think that Metal gets a bad rap for being a hive of buzz kills (which obviously isn’t true) but this EP is a fine example of how that isn’t the case.

This EP definitely shows influences of bands like OVERKILL, EXODUS, DESTRUCTION and ANNIHILATOR (or what I like to call the not as big four), but it also takes these influences and then adds a modern twist. This EP is a blast from start to finish some of the highlights on this EP would be the cover of sultans of swing for me this is a really fun cover as its in the same vain as EXODUS' cover of the ROLLING STONES song "Bitch" but it quite a cool cover of something that on the surface would look like it would work but it really does work very well other highlights of this EP are the main riff from the song thrashers endurance it’s a really fun riff that’s catchy this is also the case with the song "BYHASTFU".

My favourite track on track on this EP is "You’ll Gets What’s Coming" as the main riff gives me DEATH ANGEL vibe which is always a good thing. This EP is a very good example of what modern Thrash Metal has to offer just a fun six tracks that are easy to listen to and have good riffs good slightly comical lyrics, it will no doubt be a fun listen for anyone who picks it up.

This isn’t to say that this EP is perfect yes it's fun yes it's got elements of old and new Thrash Metal and yes I like it and most people whom like Thrash will like this but it’s nothing new (this could be a selling point for some people though) that hasn't been done before as it has been for more than 20 years. At this point, and I know that a lot of people, with that myself being one of them, I think the subgenre needs a bit of a shakeup, aside from all of that though this is a solid EP that won’t disappoint old school thrashers or new school ones.

Song writing: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 4
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Go Rawtastic!
2. Thrashers Endurance
3. You’ll Gets What’s Coming
4. Stay Metal
6. Sultans Of Swing
Keefy – Vocals / Lead Guitar
Naimo - Bass
Rorz - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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