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Razor Fist - Metal Minds (CD)

Razor Fist
Metal Minds
by Grigoris Chronis at 03 September 2009, 1:58 PM

This is one reason why I think the devotion of a Metal fan does not necessarily turn into a bludgeon Metal musician/band. RAZOR FIST obviously has a good set of ideas - and feature many elements fitting to the old school metalhead's needs - but it really needs more than this; not these days, in specific, bit this was always one case of contradiction trying to separate/evaluate something 'cult' from something well-performed.
The style of these US metallers steps on the Heavy/Speed Metal legacy of the 80s; can recall some of IRON MAIDEN/RAVEN's furious moments, adding enough of the American/Canadian beliefs (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, RAZOR, DESTRUCTOR) but with a rather Bay Area rockin' attitude, at least more apparent compared to an 'evil' one. European references would make me believe the furious likes of more current bands like e.g. SOLITAIRE are not far away from RAZOR FIST's manifestation, too.
The vocals of TK Xanax are quite weird: furious and on-the-edge thrashy, but - as successfully noted in another webzine's review - similar to some CIRITH UNGOL's Tim Baker on fire! The singer, I'm afraid, does not seem suitable to stand in line with the music that much, indeed. Some moments are quite banging in the vocals section, but I admit I swiftly got tired coming across his pushed throat. The same goes for the music: for a mini LP/CD release a sum of 4-5 tracks would be quite a blast, but as a normal full-length album I think Metal Minds offers quite a few exciting or interesting moments, apart from the obvious honest motive of the band members. Speed, good riffing, average solos, the pre-said singing remarks…
…and that's all. The production is quite old-school, with an American thrashin' flavor and the duration itself also refers to the 80s likes. Yet, I think RAZOR FIST need more to expose in order to secure some slice of the 'true' Metal pie. Unless if their only aim is to honor their/our beloved music classics standards, which is equally respected of course. Have not heard their Razor Fist Force 2006 debut, but I think I'll pass and eagerly wait for the third 'crucial' one.
P.S.: Rare is the occasion when the last song of the album becomes your favorite one, isn't it?

2 Star Rating

Fury Of The Warrior
Metal Minds
Cosmic Hearse Driver   
The Seer
First Strike
Thirst For Disaster
Silver Howler
Breath Of Fire   
Loud Into The Night
Nick Moyle - Guitar, Backing Vocals
TK Xanax - Lead Vocals
Dave Patterson - Drums
T.J. LaFever - Bass
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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