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Razorwire - Wrapped In Lies (CD)

Wrapped In Lies
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 20 May 2008, 12:25 PM

This is definitely one hell of a strange album, since the first three times I listened to it I wasn't attracted by it even at the least. But the fact is that the more I listened to it, the more I was attracted to this band's weird musical plan. I even caught myself whispering some of the band's lyrics sometimes. Even though there is something that made a bad impression on me, I passed it by and explored RAZORWIRE's world without being biased about a stupid detail that could make me miss such a band.

The UK based metallers were formed in 1997 and have already released two full-length albums that I unfortunately didn't have the chance to listen to. This is the first time I hear about this band and it seems I will get addicted to searching for some more stuff from them. What made a bad impression on me as I said above is that the band's rhythm guitarist Dan Peach is the owner of Psychophonic Records and I personally don't support someone having his band in his own label. The fact is that when I listened to the album, I forgot about all those shitty details that could spoil the amazement I felt when I listened to Wrapped In Lies.

This album is RAZORWIRE's first work that features new vocalist Dave Scragg (KISMET HC, FUCKHATEPROPAGANDA). As I said, the first times I listened to Wrapped In Lies were not so pleasant, since the album seemed a bit tiring and boring. As time went by and I listened to the album many more times I realized that the only word that could describe this band is… AMAZING!

I really can't describe the band's music with only one word. Some people call them Metalcore, while their Myspace page says Metal/Punk/Hardcore. You know what? Fuck tags man! These guys need no limitations! They have already managed to create a sound that has its own identity and needs no fucking experts to lock them under a Metalcore or Thrash term. RAZORWIRE have mixed some pretty different elements that have only one thing in common. This one thing that I love, groove. There are times that they remind me of DEATH ANGEL, while there are also times that they have this PRONG catchy Metal style. Let's just say that they tried to mix Nu Metal with Hardcore and Thrash Metal and they ended up sounding like a Thrash Metal version of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. No kidding mates! There were many times that I had this thought! The only band I could compare RAZORWIRE's sound to is ONE MINUTE SILENCE.

The production is also really nice and this is pretty logical since the man responsible for this sound is Ewan Davies (MACHINE HEAD, ONE MINUTE SILENCE, CRADLE OF FILTH). The only negative thing about this album is Scragg's voice. I am really sorry but I didn't like this guy's vocals at all! I really prefer the backing vocals. He may scream really well, but when it comes to the clean singing or the Rap style vocals (do not be negative about this, think of ONE MINUTE SILENCE) it is obvious he needs to work a lot. The only thing Scragg's vocals affected is my rating. Don't let my comments affect you. Go buy this album now!

Note: The first 1000 copies come with a DVD that contains many video clips the band has recorded, as well as live clips. In the DVD you can also see some moments from the band while they are on tour, where these guys are going… crazy!

3 Star Rating

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Dave Scragg - Vocals
Dan Peach - Guitar
Rich Kelham - Bass, Vocals
Charlie Cooper - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Psychophonic Records


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