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Razorwyre - Another Dimension

Another Dimension
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 25 October 2012, 1:24 AM

Again I am in the middle of a differentiation battle, this time the differences between Thrash and Speed Metal. Initially, I was ready to label this as a Thrash Metal band and only that but as I heard more you could hear Heavy Metal riffs and the vocalist’s coerce attempt in Power Metal adulation. I was mostly right and then realized RAZORWYRE were mentioned as a Speed Metal band instead of Thrash so I had to go back one more time and see what makes it speed rather than thrash. I picked up a few hints but still not safe in my compromises, the anomalies were like trying to remember one brand of ketchup’s taste to another, or syrup, and many other common examples. For the sake of the band, I’ll just call them a Speed Metal band even though I still think they could humbly be called somewhat Thrash.

I was somewhat appalled by the album art and if you look at the guy in the frame, he perfectly fits the profile of a Thrasher which might’ve explained why I hastily considered RAZORWYRE as Thrash. Interesting enough, the person there is wearing the shirt of the album cover, serving as a secondary portal into “Another Dimension”, a world within a world kind of fantasy and it keeps on shrinking until it’s virtually invisible to any scientific instrument down to its basic molecular structure, literally it never ends!

In align with the album art, RAZORWYRE is their secondary name, they were previously known as GAYWYRE, releasing an EP “Coming Out” in 2009 and switched to what they are currently known as in 2010. To be blunt, they should have kept the name because it describes their sound and overall feel. The vocals were incredibly sloppy. You’d have some mid-range attempt of power metal vocals and it just sounded awful and emotionless, almost as if Philly Byrne (GAMA BOMB) became a stoic, no energy just flatline vocals with dry vibrato. Backing vocals honestly made me laugh, my joyous giggling was probably one of the best parts of the album. They sounded out of key following along with the lead vocalist. There was no harmony, vocals thrown in the songs as if someone pushed a scramble button and the jumbled mix made it on the final production. I did however, get mildly impressed at some of the highs the vocalist did hit. If he were to keep up that stride throughout the album it might have been more enjoyable. Unfortunately, those highs were only about 10% of the singing. At times, those highs were at the vein of King Diamond, far fetched but for a millisecond I did hear it and it did get a “Wow!” from me and it wasn’t a cheap knock-off either! I also caught an attempt of the backing vocals trying a falsetto but it was a complete fail, overshadowed by the leading vocals but still it was a half-hearted attempt.

Instrumentally, the work put into it was mediocre, I found myself bored and depleted. The heavy metal riffs they did incorporate were sluggish and misplaced. Speed Metal riffs however were at times interesting, the opener “Conjuror” did lead me to believe that I was in for a treat but alas that expectation got quickly overturned. Those riffs did cause an urge to headbang but it got old pretty quick, there wasn’t any originality I’m afraid but this isn’t any new news, there’s mountains of upcoming Thrash Metal bands that aren’t doing anything original and have lousy song titles. Even though this is Speed, it can easily be cluttered along with the other humdrum thrash acts.

The bass did play something different from the guitars which were nice but as like catching a disease can spread quickly, the sluggishness of the other band mates quickly caught on with the bassist as well! It was very average; it was just basic playing, nothing special even if it did try to spice things a little. I don’t plan on hearing more GAYWYRE ….er I mean RAZORWYRE in the future but if you like generic Metal well then here you go.

1 Star Rating

1. Conjuror
2. Knights of Fire
3. Fight or Be Fucked
4. Nightblade
5. Another Dimension
6. The Infinite
7. Desert Inferno
8. The Fort
9. Speed Warrior
10. Windcaller
11. Hangman's Noose
Tim Shann - Bass
Nick Oakes - Drums
Chris Calavrias - Lead Guitar
James Murray - Rhythm Guitar
Z-Chylde - Vocals
Record Label: Inferno Records


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