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Razzamattaz - Rock N' Roll Hero

Rock N' Roll Hero
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 17 December 2012, 2:45 PM

The moment I saw the band's name RAZZAMATTAZ it reminded me the amazing Club in Barcelona. However, I don’t think that the band named themselves after a Dance club in Barcelona, so I did a search and found out that RAZZAMATTAZ used in many different areas, from TV to even Crayola crayon colour (spelled Razzzmatazz) or the old NAZARETH hit "Razamanaz", yet I don't think that the former explains the style of Glam Metal meets Hard Rock all too well.

RAZZAMATTAZ, based in South Germany,are a loosen AC/DC fashioned Hard Rock with a pinch of Glam. Though recognized as Germans, they aren’t German native, on the contrary the band members come from all over the world and found a home in the South. "Rock N' Roll Hero" is a 14 song album incorporating styles from many Hard rock bands.

The first song with the title name “Rock N' Roll Hero” is a catchy rhythmic Hard Rock with no special characteristics; however it’s a solid song that directly explains the band's path and sound. Actually, It’s hard to pinpoint any special song, all of them keep the same sound and atmosphere, cheery and crunchy Hard Rock. Nonetheless, some songs are more Southern Hard Rock oriented. If I have to pick any songs that stands tall and proud I will say that “Metalgod”, which also has a special version in the end of the album, to be a “better” song then others with a nice riff and exploding rhythm. In addition there “Overdose” that goes Texan Hard rock with like bongo drums and a danceable rhythm.

“My Last Beer” is a sort of an AC/DC copycat with all the same structures, I don’t condemn the band for that as many before and after them will have major successes upon copying the Aussies. RAZZAMATTAZ did it well.

My issue with this album is that something stops it from soring high. It took me some time to pinpoint the issue, however I found it in the end. Although the production is good and guitar works is solid, it does seems that the Tom Schaupp (Vocals) doesn’t have any special features and sounds pretty damn regular that damages the ability of the songs to become greater. Other bands like AIRBOURNE and even AC/DC have that special vocalic enhancers respectably. I think that if RAZZAMATTAZ's Tom Schaupp will try and sing differently it will help the all songs, ether way it’s a solid album.

3 Star Rating

1. Rock’n’ Roll Hero
2. Stompin’
3. Heat Up My Night
4. Frozen Water
5. Metalgod
6. Takkaa Takkaa
7. Overdose
8. Drive Me Home
9. Bad Money
10. My Last Beer
11. I Wanna Know
12. Free Like An Eagle
13. Too Young To Die
14. Metalgod - The Adoration
Tom Schaupp– Vocals / Guitars
Timothy Toing– Bass
Matthew Sting- Drums
Record Label: Good Night Music Records


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