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Re-Machined - Brain Dead Award winner

Brain Dead
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 19 February 2022, 5:33 AM

When a Heavy Metal band comes from Germany, one must have in mind the long tradition and importance of the national scene of the country for Metal in the world. Germany lands gave birth to names as SCORPIONS, ACCEPT, GRAVE DIGGER, RUNNING WILD, HELLOWEEN and others, and created the trademark sonority that everyone knows as German Metal. And the quintet RE-MACHINED shows that it’s in the band’s blood, as “Brain Dead” (their second album) stands for it.

There’s no need to state what the band plays: Heavy Metal with tons of melodies and influences from Hard Rock, the 80’s musical Holy Grail. But such words can’t depict clearly the energy, the catchy melodies, the harmonies and charming weight created by the quintet. It’s really a great form of music, they play in a personal way, and what amazing energy can be heard flowing from their songs. It’s impossible to resist, so surrender and enjoy it as much as you want! As common to say in Brazil, ‘in a soccer team that’s winning, there’s no need for changes’, so the band brought back Markus Teske to work as producer of the album (he did the mixing on “Wheels of Time”, the band’s previous album). And he got the right idea to build the sonority of the album: a fine mix between a defined sound that it’s heavy and aggressive, but that allows the songs to express their melodic grasp.

All the songs are really great and can seduce the fans easily. But for a first time on the album, “Raise Some Hell” (an amazing and strong song with tons of melodies created by the guitars, and what a catchy chorus), “Brain Dead” (the German DNA of the band becomes clear in the heavier and nasty approach of this one, with excellent rhythmic conductions from bass guitar and drums), “Demons” (the abrasive melodic approach of this song is hard to resist, and the vocals shows excellent contrasts on the tunes), “Standing on the Edge” (another fine set of melodies used by the guitars, and what a lovely accessible appeal can be heard in some moments), “Stand Up and Fight” (this mischievous and sinuous rough-silk melodies can’t be stopped, so don’t try and surrender at once, and what a great chorus with excellent backing vocals), “Into the Dark” (the solid rhythm created by bass guitar and drums improves the weight of the song), and “Because I Hate You” (the German way of working with the balance between melodies and aggressiveness is perfect on this one, and it’s the right song to say what this writer feels about conservative politicians) are the ones to be heard, although it’s an album easy to be heard, and easier to fall in love with.

RE-MACHINED paves their way as a new Heavy Metal force on Germany with “Brain Dead”, and on their next album, they can become a success throughout the world (if the greater part of the Metalheads stop to follow the cult of personality and learn to trust on their own ears).

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Raise Some Hell
2. Brain Dead
3. Demons
4. Black King
5. Standing on the Edge
6. Stand Up and Fight
7. Road to No Man’s Land
8. The Sleeper
9. Into the Dark
10. Because I Hate You
11. Fist in Your Face
Thomas “Platti” Ritter - Vocals
Horst Pflaumer - Guitars
Andy Glanz - Guitars
Bruno Strasser - Bass
Volker “Breaker” Brecher - Drums
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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