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Re-Machined - Wheels of Time Award winner

Wheels of Time
by Neil Cook at 11 February 2020, 10:52 AM

RE-MACHINED, hailing from Mainz, Germany, released their demo to much acclaim in 2018, grew their reputation by touring with bands like BONFIRE, and went into the studio with renown producer Markus Teske, who has worked with bands such as SAGA and U.D.O, to create this their debut album “Wheels of Time”. Their sound is classic Hard Rock, with bags of melody and guitar solos.  The influences are clear to hear, PRIEST, MAIDEN, SAXON, and other NWOBHM bands, but with a Teutonic twist, throw in some SCORPIONS, ACCEPT and of course U.D.O., which maybe their producers influence, but it doesn’t matter, it works.

Lead track “Heart On Fire” is a very catchy opening track, sets the tone for what follows, with a catchy chorus, straight out of the 80’s and some fantastic fret work, chugging riffs and solos. “Prisoner” has the obligatory effects intro, all police sirens, cops and robbers, then into a world of riffs and twin guitars.  And again a chorus you will not be able to resist singing along with. “Brother Sin, Sister Moon” starts with the sort of twin guitar work and could have been a late 80’s love child of Tipton and Gorham.

The song “Re-Machined” probably sums up the band perfectly. Straight ahead, no nonsense rocker, with yet another chorus made for singing. A train intro this time! “In My Life” has a very interesting bass line, melody and yet another great guitar solo. “Wheels Of Time,” the title track, is interesting, in so much it manages to sound ever so slightly different, but similar at the same time.  The guitar solo has an almost bluesy edge to it, especially the twin guitar passage, but the riffs are still heavy.

To Hell And Back” on the other hand, shows a heavier side of the band, a different use of the twin guitars, a song that brings to mind SAXON to these ears. “No Master” keeps it heavy, but has a more Germanic feel to the song, and actually a more modern sound, full of bravado! Track 9 “Killing Words” takes us off in a different direction. I am not sure what, or if there is any significance for the African drumming/jungle sounds intro, it doesn’t really seem to fit.  The track is a chugger, the slowest paced on the album, and it still manages to have another catchy chorus.

Fear” is a banger of a track, and by far the most intricate, less straight forward than some, but it works well because it deviates, a little bit, from the formula.  I think this could be a great live track. Another track I can see being a live favorite is “Change Your Mind”.  I can see some choreographed stage work from the guitarists, banging their heads in unison and fists being pumped as the crowd shout the chorus back at the band.

Closing track “Paradise Lost,” is an interesting and different one. The most modern sounding rock sound on the album, another intro, this time bells, leads us into an intricate some built on time changes, polished interplay between the two guitarists, and a very impressive vocal performance. This is an accomplished sound for their first full album, they obviously chose the right producer for their sound.  It is a very straight ahead Heavy Rock sound, feet firmly in the past, and I for one have no problem with that.  Personally I don’t need quite so many sound effects/intros, but I can get past that for songs this good.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hert On Fire
2. Prisoner
3. Brother Sin, sister Moon
4. Re-Machined
5. In My Life
6. Wheels Of Time
7. To Hell And Back
8. No Master
9. Killing Words
10. Fear
11. Change Your Mind
12. Paradise Lost
Thomas Ritter – Vocals
Horst Pflaumer – Guitar
Andreas Glanz– Guitar
Bruno Strasser– Bass
Volker Brecher – Drums
Record Label: Pride and Joy Music


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Edited 27 March 2023

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