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Reactory - Heavy Award winner

by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 10 October 2016, 7:26 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: REACTORY; signed via FDK-REKOTZ – performing Thrash Metal, hailing from the glory of Germany, and on their 2nd full length album simply entitled: “Heavy”.

What should you expect when you inevitably check out “Heavy”? Well that's quite simple; pure, unadulterated Thrash Metal of course. REACTORY formed in 2010 and since then - have released a Demo entitled well… “Demo(released in 2010), and an EP entitled: “Killed By Thrash(released in 2013), as well as a debut record entitled: “High On Radiation” (released in 2014). Evidently; Thrash Metal is in my name for a reason, I relish a good old thrashing and discovering a newly yet unprecedented quintet such as this…one could say that I'm in Hell! Implementing uncompromising Thrash with a hint of Groovy excellence; while not entirely on the diversity side, however proficiently delivering a fine slab of solidified Thrash Metal. If you love your Thrash Metal in the style of the almighty TOXIC HOLOCAUST with a few indifferences here and there, this here quartet will be right up your alley.

Hans H. Hornung on vocals suits his role as a singer; with efficiency to the genre, rhythm and screams of death impale with scorching ferocity. As does the instrumental efforts of Jerry A. Düren on guitars who proficiently shreds like a maniac to give you that complex listen of adroitness; similarly profound with the powerhouse of Ulli Hoffmann on bass and Caue Dos Santos on drums who both execute some crushing yet solid pummeling. Evidently speaking; “To Thanatos” begins with an exquisite sound production that endures a ravenous Metal inquisition of delightful thrashing. Enlightening grooves keep in rhythm and timing; pounding attributes compile “Heavy” with an ultimately hardcore feel to the musicianship. “To Hypnos” channel exciting riffs in which fulfill an utmost groovy intention; as does “Dark Tranquility” which keeps this “heavy” tradition in fine precision.

These 9 tracks of fluid progression transforms “Heavy” in delightful execution; “Shrines Of The Forgotten God”, “Angstharis” & “Monolith” all indifferently have diversity in their elegant thrashing motives. A compelling note is how everything can be heard and there is zero distortion; just adept prowess in their attempts to keep a stellar production, yet solidifying its existence to almost-masterful thrashing. “Pleasure Seeker”, “Let Me Rage Before I Die” & “Eat The Rich” end the record in a stunning form of elegance in which the flow of the tempo ranges from low to high at a immense rate. Every track is a unique fabrication that should pull in old school thrashers as well as new comers of the genre who are looking for that unprecedented discovery of substantial proportions. Do I recommend this to everyone? Yes I do. I had a helluva time thrashing like a maniac to this one! REACTORY - you have earned yourself a new fan!

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Originality: 9
Sound Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. To Thanatos
2. To Hypnos
3. Deep Tranquility
4. Shrines Of The Forgotten Gods
5. Angstharis
6. Monolith
7. Pleasure Seeker
8. Let Me Rage Before I Die
9. Eat The Rich (MOTORHEAD cover)
Hans H. Hornung - Vocals
Jerry A. Düren - Guitars
Ulli Hoffmann - Bass
Caue Dos Santos - Drums
Record Label: FDA Rekotz


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