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Reaktion - To Expect Nothing Award winner

To Expect Nothing
by Allen Peters at 15 August 2022, 12:28 PM

REAKTION is from Barcelona, Spain. This is their third album of their trilogy they call, “The Existence Trilogy.” The first was about our inevitable death, the second is about our approach to the situation and finally, the latest album, is about our acceptance of that fact. Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Catalonia, at Axtudio, this “Thrashology,” is now complete and available on all of your favorite steaming platforms or hard copy.

Formed in 2014, from clubs to festivals, the band is well traveled throughout Spain and Portugal. They have been working hard, spreading the love and sharing their unique style of Thrash Metal with the latest generation. Technically sound with an old school flare, this foursome has put together a nice group of ten songs here, let’s dig in and check it out.

Creeping up on us with a deceiving start, “Overreaktion,” suddenly slaps you in the face to remind you where you are and why you are here. No posers allowed! Lyrically clear with a mix of riffs and gear changes, it is instantly very clear that this is going to be an interesting ride.

A pure, old school Thrash sound is what I hear in the beginning of “The Immortal Unreason.” A driving, pounding groove, briefly giving you some relief in the middle only to catch you back up with a traditional, technical solo. Showing out with the range that is available, the potential seems limitless vocally by the time you get to the end of this one.

Sometimes when I see 10 tracks on an album, I get nervous about how fresh the next one is going to sound. It looks like 12 would fit just fine here. I have no complaints yet, all of it is a pleasant surprise and very refreshing to hear. These guys don’t really remind me of anyone in particular, but I can pick up on some potential OG influences, the obvious ones that all of us old guys have. I’m impressed already and we are not even halfway in. They do slow it down, with almost a KORN-like vibe for a minute in “Obsessions,” it is really the first time I’ve picked up on that flavor on this album, another example of the diversity found in their repertoire. Then, just like that, we are back to full speed ahead. There is no hesitation here, more ripping vocals, storytelling, screaming, shrieking, growling, clean understandable lyrics, you get it all. They put the pieces together nicely, it sounds to me like Spain has some world class Thrash Metal with this one.

I’m back, lol. To add… Ivan Lara is a madman, I love his stage presence and the boy can sing! There are no weak links in this band. After listening to this album and then writing, this one has me up late, way past my bedtime. I finished but had to go back and watch more videos, dig for more live footage, and then wanted to take the time to come back and say, great job guys. This is why I do this. Everyone should take the time to check out this album and their videos. Get the CD. Buy the T-Shirt.

And… (I’m back, again) what was one of the videos that I just saw when I went back for round three, Ivan singing a KORN cover. (Patting myself on the back, lol.)  Again, an unexpected, but nice mix of styles and influences were heard, put together by one of the best Thrash Metal bands in Spain, REAKTION. A Ten. Check 'em out.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Overreaktion
2. The Immortal Unreason
3. Before Your Eyes
4. Bleeding Of Memories
5. Obsessions
6. To Expect Nothing
7. Rainy Fridays City
8. The Curse of The Wisdom
9. H.K.K. (Human Kind Kills)
10. Breathing Silence
Xavier F. Vidal - Drums
Gustavo Revoredo - Guitar/Vocals
Ivan Lara - Vocals
Alvaro de Prado - Guitar
Guest Musician: Anscarius - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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