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Reality Suite – Live At Alpha Wave Studios

Reality Suite
Live At Alpha Wave Studios
by Joseph Brewer at 07 July 2020, 10:04 PM

REALITY SUITE formed in 2013 with the goal of proving to the world that rock is alive and thriving. Joe Padula, Brian King, and Antonio Valenti were childhood friends that grew up listening to the classics that would inspire their current sound. But they were missing a vocalist that would complete the band. After trying out multiple singers, they found Kimmii Heart and their definitive lineup was established. In 2015, they self-produced and released their debut album “Skinn” which was met with fervent approval and support from around the world. All of a sudden, this unheard of band out of New Jersey was gaining international momentum. REALITY SUITE continued to work as hard as ever and released their next album in 2019, “Awaken” after being picked up by record label Lions Pride Music. As an event to celebrate the release of this new album and to please their fans around the world, REALITY SUITE also performed a live stream concert, simultaneously performing for a group of fans at Alpha Wave Studios and using top quality cameras and sound equipment to broadcast to their fans online. Seemingly ahead of their time, this live stream show, “Live At Alpha Wave Studios” was recorded and released now in 2020 for fans of melodic rock to enjoy.

In these Covid times, the appetite for live music is ravenous. All concerts have been cancelled for the foreseeable future and the impact on bands around the world is currently unknown. Some, in an effort to appease fans and make a little extra money, have worked with studios to perform a virtual live stream show. In this way, “Live At Alpha Wave Studios” by REALITY SUITE was released at the perfect time. It’s a taste of energy from a raw musical performance that a studio album can’t replicate. Fueled by their melodic rock sound and amazing frontwoman Kimmii Heart, “Live At Alpha Wave Studios” delivers a breath of fresh, rockin air. The sound on the album, considering that it was recorded live in front of an audience, is done extremely well. Each of the instruments comes through clearly while Heart on vocals comes through at the forefront, leading the way.

In terms of the “concert experience”, REALITY SUITE handles their 12-song set with a business-like pace, leaving just enough time in between tracks for Heart to gleefully thank the audience both in-person and online for attending. But I appreciate the live feedback, hearing the audience cheering after a song is finished adds to the overall listening experience. “Wrong With Me” stands out in this respect, as it’s the one moment of the concert with audience participation. Heart leads the crowd in a vocal “repeat after me” activity before kicking off into another of their quality tracks.

Musically, there is not a bad song on “Live At Alpha Wave Studios”. Each track comes through with bright melodies, riffing guitars, and fantastic vocals. REALITY SUITE was built for live performance, their music finding a perfect balance between hard and soft rock that would enthrall an audience in any venue. It is the kind of music you would want to sway along to while occasionally raising that fist up when the energy gets cranked. It all leads up to one of the tracks they are debuting, “Kiss The Ring” that hits with raw attitude and energy. The only thing really missing from this album is the encore!

Favorite Songs: “Wingman”, “Blame It On Angels”, “Kiss The Ring

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Wingman
2. Bury Me Alive
3. Cut, Burn, Bruise
4. Blame It On Angels
5. Skinn
6. Grave
7. Familiar Taste Of Poison
8. Live Now Forever
9. Wrong With Me
10. Dead To Me
11. Kiss The Ring
12. Die Dreaming
Kimmii Heart – Vocals
Joe Padula – Guitars
Brian King – Drums
Antonio Valenti – Bass


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