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Realm Unseen - The Origin

Realm Unseen
The Origin
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 June 2016, 1:30 PM

It is not that common to write about aspects in life or beyond that can't be noticed or physically touched.  Original or not, it is a vast world that can be discussed endlessly, so caring for it with additional tunes never hurt anyone. The Pakistani native, born and raise, REALM UNSEEN founded themselves on this particular basis. Employing a large variety of life's aspect, on their blackened turns and twists, they have been sharing the pain with their listeners. The band's latest album, "The Origin", clearly predicts that there is no end to where one can dwell with music. In their case, it is controversial and filled with an utmost sense of dismay.

Like a twisted form of FAITH NO MORE and TOOL, shrapnel of KORN and late 90's PANTERA and a tryout of LAMB OF GOD, this band sounds as if forcefully trying to become as unique as possible. Throwing everything possible, Metal of course, into a large bowl and mashing it all up into an infested lubricant. Truth be told, it came out as somewhat irritating throughout the listen, the material at times presented a measure of rawness in the songwriting, too many cut through sections that aren't necessarily a part of the contexts. REALM UNSEEN even included melodic Metal segments, virtually rendered as lead guitar flicks or attempt to shred it all around as constantly gambling. To their defense and benefit, at least the rhythm section, along with rhythm guitars, sounded more or less tight accrediting powerful grooves to the songs.

If there anything that couldn't be ripped away from these guys is their emotive sagacity within the songwriting. REALM UNSEEN are harsh individuals, street oriented black prophets of all that is a contribution to suffer. "Lesions"  and "Your Sacrifice" are pretty much the band's smear campaign against the instigators of anguish, musically those are scattered to be as diverse as possible just like the rest, but in a way the music along with the vocalist's theatrics, those feel honest to their lyrics.

Nothing is said and done when it comes to composing music, there is no brick wall stopping anyone from becoming something out of the ordinary, yet fine tuning is in order.

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. IRK
3. U
4. Lesions
5. Your Sacrifice
6. Smolder And Paralyze
7. Realm Unseen
Mohammad Ahsan Khan - Vocals
Shahzeb Baber – Guitars / Backing Vocals
Hamza Hashmi - Guitars
Bilal Awan – Bass
Arsalan Saleem - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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