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Reaper - An Atheist Monument

An Atheist Monument
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 30 July 2014, 9:17 PM

REAPER is a German Heavy Metal Band founded in 1984.  To mark the 30th anniversary of the band, they have released new material here…a twelve track album entitled “An Atheist Monument.”  The opening instrumental, “Hetoimasia,” has a sinister quality, hinting at things that go bump in the night.  “Realms of Chaos” is a pretty straightforward mid-temp song, with fairly traditional Heavy Metal brie.  Vocally, Daniel has a low register, harsh vocal style, giving the music a dark and evil sound to it.  “Of Sheep and Shepards” continues in this vein, with a very classic sound to it.  It reminds me of a soldier on a galloping horse, swinging his blade left and right as he rides through the opposing army.  “Horse Brigade” is another mid-tempo, classic sounding Metal song.  They aren’t trying to re-invent the genre here, but there isn’t a lot in the way of variation.  “Hail the New Age” brings a bit more of the same, though there are some moments of accentuation, especially with the chorus.

“Voice Within” kicks it with a little more grind, girth and purpose, while “1943” is more like a battle hymn, with a nice little lead guitar melody to open the track, and a swift pace that brings a higher vocal range, and a nice contrasting harmony between guitar and voice.  “Well of Poison” opens acoustically, and builds some suspense, before settling into a song based on an exchange of major chords, giving it an almost “Power Metal” sound.  A shredding guitar solo reminds listeners that instrumental prowess is not missing here.  “Taste My Revenge” is a strong song, with an ACCEPT quality to it.  Tasting revenge is exactly what this track exudes.  “Ship of Fools” reminds me of early SAXON and the like.  Here the vocals take the driver’s seat.  “Fields of Joy” is a faster song, featuring shredding guitar rhythms and at times, double bass drumming.  There is a nice brooding haste to the track, and a welcomed interlude to break up the main riff.  This might be the best track on the album in this reviewer’s opinion.  Closing the album is “La Tristesse.” It’s a slow, gut wrenching exercise, complete with lamentation.    Overall, this is very classic sounding, easy listening Heavy Metal, with a focus on mid-tempo, riff driven music, delivered in a very standard style.  Unfortunately it makes a lot of the music run together, and doesn’t make for a lot of memorable moments.

3 Star Rating

1. Hetoimasia
2. Realms of Choas
3. Of Sheep and Shepherds
4. Horse Brigade
5. Hail The New Age
6. Voice Within
7. 1943
8. Well of Poison
9. Taste My Revenge
10. Ship of Fools
11. Fields of Joy
12. La Tristesse
Daniel Zimmerman – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Benni Lodewig – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Matthias Kraft – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jan Breede – Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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