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Rebaelliun - The Hell's Decrees Award winner

The Hell's Decrees
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 25 May 2016, 1:44 PM

Ever since the end of the last year, extreme Metal fans turned all of their attention towards Brazil. The reason for that was the comeback of the Brazilian Death Metal masters REBAELLIUN (from Rio Grande do Sul). And after releasing two furious albums between the end of the last century ("Burn the Promised Land", in 1999) and the first half of the last decade ("Annihilation", in 2002), the bringers of chaos split up for unknown reasons. But now, they are back, coming once more to storm and conquer legions of old and new fans with their new album, "The Hell's Decrees".

Their Death Metal approach has changed a bit. Now, along with the violent and fast songs, there are some slower and bitter moments, as their individual technique evolved a lot. What I mean is that the band's musical work has gathered some new elements and influences, _but it's still as brutal and violent as we are used to know and love.) Lohy's vocals are perfect - still guttural (although occasionally he uses some different tones), and his bass playing technique has evolved a lot (as we can hear in many moments, especially on those slower songs). Fabiano and Ronaldo are still shredding with technique and sickening solos (but pay attention and you'll hear that it's not random distorted notes thrown at your ears with no harmonic coherence). And Sandro is playing his drum kit in a technical and heavy way.

We can say that REBAELLIUN is back, stronger than before and ready to unleash their aggressive and tasteful music; which is made with energy and personality, as well as use of very good refrains (a particular feature of their work since their earlier times), but also with some brutal elegance.

Whilst Fabiano is the producer of "The Hell's Decrees", Neto Grous (from Absolute Master Studio in Brazil) did the mastering. The result is a sound quality that is perfect for the band's music; being as brutal and oppressive as their songs need, but clear for us to understand and absorb their music without complains.

And the album artwork is a fine piece created by Marcelo Vasco, from PR2Design (the same guy who did artworks for bands like SLAYER, BORKNAGAR, OBITUARY and many others) and fits perfectly, showing that the quartet is reborn and ready for war!

"The Hell's Decree's" is their third album, carrying on the tradition to be the most outstanding work of a band. Well, they tried and passed the test, because this is their finest moment, their masterpiece. This is due to their maturity, which shows throughout the eight songs.

Well, as all their tracks need to be dissected, I will do it in a different way, and hope my bosses will approve it.

"Affronting the Gods": the band opens fire directly is a fast song, with a very good dynamic between the bass and the drums (which are showcasing very good rhythmic changes). And the guitars are doing excellent riffs, and the refrain is very catchy.

"Legion": this is the track for the first lyric video of the album. It's brutal and really aggressive, filled with perfect guitars (with great solo interventions), but the technique that the band demonstrates on the tempo changes is something truly astonishing. Hope your necks are in good shape after this massacre.

"The Path of the Wolf": on this one, you will feel the same feeling as the times of "Burn the Promised Land". Yet the band is using some slow and bitter moments, showing the precision of their rhythm section.

"Fire and Brimstone": here you have a slower and oppressive song; with some vocal tones that are very different from we are all used to hearing from REBAELLIUN. But don't be disturbed, because it's really catchy and destructive to the point where it will make your ears bleed.

"Dawn of Mayhem": A fast and simple song, but with a diversity of tempos, which is a trademark of the quartet's work. And be prepared, because it's too aggressive. It’s done with excellent vocals and some unconventional work from the bass guitar and drums.

"Rebellion": this track is moderate in terms of speed and shows a more technical side of their work, due the band’s really sharp and creative riffs. But pay attention, for the vocals have evolved a lot in comparison to their earlier works.

"Crush the Cross": a brutal massacre again. Fast and really oppressive, we can hear some perfect work from the guitars once more, allying inspired harmonies with aggressive tunes. And again, a refrain that binds us to their work.

"Anarchy (The Hell’s Decrees Manifesto)": here we have the final stab. And the band shows some changes of tempos that are not typical of Death Metal. Their traditional speed is present, but some slow moments are presented as well. And on these ones, the drums are excellent – especially the double bass - but the entire band is also in excellent shape.

So, the last thing I have to say is: surrender yourselves to "The Hell's Decrees", because it's one of the finest Death Metal albums of the year, and maybe the best one.


Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

  1. Affronting the Gods
  2. Legion
  3. The Path of the Wolf
  4. Fir and Brimstone
  5. Dawn of Mayhem
  6. Rebellion
  7. Crush the Cross
  8. Anarchy (The Hell's Decrees Manifesto)
Lohy Fabiano - Vocals, bass
Ronaldo Lima - Guitars
Fabiano Penna - Guitars
Sandro Moreira - Drums
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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