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Rebellion - Miklagard The History Of The Vikings Part II (CD)

Miklagard The History Of The Vikings Part II
by Grigoris Chronis at 21 April 2007, 1:39 PM

When this outfit jumped out off the GRAVE DIGGER 1998-2000 lineup changes, there was a certain feeling the two ex-diggers Tomi Gottlich and Uwe Lulis would 'update' the famous German band's 1996 Tunes Of War sceptics. An honest move? A rip-off? Either way, REBELLION did not convince my ears the can develop their own personality; Miklagard: The History Of The Vikings Part II features good music but nothing more (let aside the comparison).
Two years ago, the band decided to write a concept album referring to the Vikings saga(s). Sagas Of Iceland; The History Of The Vikings Volume I did have average impact in the ranks of Euro Power metalheads. The follow-up, this year's Miklagard: The History Of The Vikings Part II carries on the concept. The Miklagard CD single release preceded the album's release date, plus a video for this song was shot (available for download in the band's official website - 'download' section).
The Vi Seglar Mot Miklagard intro - voice by Charles Rytkonen (MORGANA LEFAY) - leads to a set of tunes in the GRAVE DIGGER vein. You'll hear some of ICED EARTH rhythms also, while a few elements of MORGANA LEFAY's music flow here and there. There's enough of double-drumming, furious guitar chords and appropriate solos. Michael Seifert (ex-BLACK DESTINY) sings just as Chris Boltendahl sings in GRAVE DIGGER with some of Mat Barlow (ex-ICED EARTH); no major alterations. Bearing in mind the music stands similar to the posy-80s GRAVE DIGGER style, one can easily come up to the conclusion about his (potential) interest in Miklagard: The History Of The Vikings Part II.
If this band/album featured a bit more of an 'identity', the reaction would be better (I guess). Good production, metal feeling, nice players…and then it's GRAVE DIGGER again.

3 Star Rating

Vi seglar Mot Miklagard
On The Edge Of Life
The Rus
Taste Of Steel
God Of Thunder
Our Backs To The Wind
The Uprising
Gerd Lucking - Drums
Tomi Gottlich - Bass
Michael Seifert - Vocals
Simone Wenzel - Guitar
Uwe Lulis - Guitar
Record Label: Massacre


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