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Rebellious Spirit - Gamble Shot

Rebellious Spirit
Gamble Shot
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 June 2013, 11:50 AM

Because Germany just had to have a shot through the heart, nothing, and no one, to blame because Hard Rock still has a good name. Yeah I thought about BON JOVI while writing this could be considered phrasing. Spanking just as similar to France’s BLACK RAIN, less heavy and with minus strong vocalic attribute, and slanting on top the previous successful ratings of old Glam / Hard Rock icons as MOTLEY CRUE, BON JOVI, DOKKEN, WARRANT and a bit of the rather new influenced Euro party hearties as HARDCORE SUPERSTAR or THE POODLES, Europe attained another rebellious group of Rock N’ Roll fanatics in the image of REBELLIOUS SPIRIT, Germany’s version of crude, rude and screwed American Hard Rock / Glam Metal calibration. I have to hand it for these four young dudes from Germany’s south end, as their debut piercing bullet, “Gamble Shot”, seemed like a good bet for SPV / Steamhammer Records that linked a deal with the boys. Frankly, especially after listening to this ten tracks Rockin’ machine, I could understand why this staking was safe to hang on to, cheers for that and no mess around.

Listening to “Gamble Shot” will unravel the strong sensational vibe of old school Hard Rock. However, REBELLIOUS SPIRIT are still regarded as the new boys on the block, and their music isn’t just a directed reprise to the old traditions of the genre, but also the fired up principles of the new age made by European hands other than once the dominated American power. REBELLIOUS SPIRIT is the picture of adolescence, not yet ready for the high rated creativity of the music and its never ending options, but on the other hand, hedged to the guiding light of their gods, this pack of youngsters, playing it safe with this debut as it seemed to me, were able to emerge victorious with songs that will always be remembered as their powerhouse hits. Who wouldn’t enjoy the sparkle of en enticing chorus sung by a boyish set of vocals, or a catchy rhythm guitar riffing even after being exploited endlessly, or the slick tempos, and classic arrangements and crunchy soloing? Well I can name more than a few, but I won’t shun the efforts of these guys. Actually, while sounding a bit banal from here on end, REBELLIOUS SPIRIT performed with grace, composing and writing their material just as it was written by the book of Rock. Without nonsense, or extra crafty detailing, just partying, Bluesing it up when called upon, but generally having a good time as simple as it can get.

I believe that trouble free would be the right pair of words to describe this release best. REBELLIOUS SPIRIT can ignite the old energies, along with their found fashion, and provide a Rockin’ party bash for their listeners. “Don`t Leave Me” is a touch soul collector, slick trip into hardship and inner heartache with a modest but so actual lead guitar lick. “Cry For You” is such a SCORPIONS song, sometimes reminding me of “Rock You Like A Hurricane” until the chorus hits the fan with a blaze the might resemble TOKIO HOTEL, in particular since the vocals have similar tone decorations. Nonetheless, though I can’t stand the Pop Rock prank that I mentioned, this song still rocks and big time with its crispy catchiness. “Forever Young”, it is good to feel young and alive, yet I would have to divulge that the vocals are a bit less emotive that expected, but at the music chops with gritty riffing and cool melodies. I didn’t expect a cover to be honest, and I am glad that this one could be counted as a hit in my bill.  So I will end this one up with a recommendation to head on and listen to those guys. I know that a larger part of it would sound outdated, but damn feel the energies of the musicians behind the songs. And you really don’t have to be a fan of the new wave of youngsters’ Hard Rock.

4 Star Rating

1. Let`s Bring Back
2. Sweet Access Right
3. Cry For You
4. Change The World
5. Lights Out
6. Gone Wild
7. Don`t Leave Me
8. You`re Not The Only One
9. Forever Young
10. Rock it
Jannik Fischer – Vocals / Guitar
Jens Fischer - Bass
Silvio Bizer - Drums
Corvin Domhardt - Guitar
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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