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Reckless Love - Turborider

Reckless Love
by Sarah Tijan at 11 May 2022, 3:19 PM

RECKLESS LOVE are no strangers to the music world, releasing four albums prior to their current release, taking each one and evolving into the band they are today. Like any band that stands the test of time, they took a break, decided which direction they wanted to go, and wrote for the new album in a way that took them to the next level. Turborider remains true to the bands style, their sound and their love of all things sleaze and 80’s while showing growth and taking the band in different directions that we haven't seen on the other releases.

“Turborider” the title track of the album, was worth the four year wait fans endured, filled with that 80’s synth sound, remanences of those 80’s video games we all lived for, before or after the music video took over. “Turborider” brings all those memories back, filled with the synth and guitar, catchy lyrics and a story that fits that sound perfectly, adding in the chorus, it’s a song that you can play over and over again and continue to enjoy.

For the most part, RECKLESS LOVE keeps their music fun and energetic and most of all uplifting, with the second track on the album the band took a turn and brought up a darker side of life, one that everyone can relate to and experience, the feeling that there is someone or something always following you, haunting you, and ultimately you can't run away from, that feeling that changes you, for better or worse, it depends on that moment, this track although still filled with guitar and catchy melody touches on a deeper aspect of life.

The first single released off the album, “Outrun” is a solid form of a ballad, that is familiar with RECKLESS LOVE, its upbeat and filled with upbeat guitar riffs, while pulling at the heartstrings with the lyrics and chorus, focusing on growth and continuing on the path that you are on, taking the time you need, not falling off the track and not giving up.

“Bark At The Moon” a well-done cover of the notorious OZZY OSBOURNE track. What makes this cover great? Olli and the band don’t copy the track, instead they take it, throw it up in the air and toss in their own ideas and style to the track, creating a whole new sound with it, never did I imagine I’d hear the track filled with synth and pop beats, but it works, and the track is truly an enjoyable rendition of the classic.

“'89 Sparkle” reminds me of a song you’d hear on those teen shows from the 80’s and would ultimately turn into the song of the summer, on our jukeboxes around the pool or at the beach, on repeat and played loud for everyone to hear. The beat of the track is undeniable and fun. The chorus is catchy and full of pop infused lyrics that want to be sang along to, while you’re lost in the memories of a time long ago when life was fun and filled with less responsibility and more hair spray.

The last track on the album “Prodigal Son” makes this album complete, taking each musician and the vocals of Olli to a whole new level, adding in their signature guitar solo, and a chorus that demands chanting with the band, like you are front row, the track rounds out the album, and makes Turborider yet another hit album for RECKLESS LOVE, filled with experiences, fun and memory provoking sounds, the sleaze rock legends, as they rightfully should be, bringing the world some of Finland's greatest rock and roll, by remaining true to their sound, taking us on a ride through the 80’s video game sound, pop metal and modern sound.

Turborider doesn’t disappoint, fans had to wait four years for the latest release from RECKLESS LOVE, with a band that has released several albums prior, the process to create was there, time was needed, you can feel and hear the growth on Turborider from the previous albums, while remaining true to who they are, sticking to their flavour of sleaze rock, tossing in a cover of one of the top metal acts in history to a darker feeling track, showing growth and understanding on the album. Each track is unique and brings something to the album, making the album complete, you can easily start anywhere on the album and listen and it sounds right.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Turborider
2. Eyes Of A Maniac
3. Outrun
4. Kids Of The Arcae
5. Bark At The Moon
6.Prelude (Flight Of The Cobra)
7. Like A Cobra
8. For The Love Of Good Times
9. '89 Sparkle
10. Future Lover Boy
11. Prodigal Sons 
Olli Herman - Vocals
Pepe - Guitars
Jalle Verne - Bass
Hessu Max - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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