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Reclvse - Reclvse

by Adam Clarke at 11 July 2014, 1:53 PM

One word instantly comes to mind as I listen through RECLVSE’S new demo; melancholy. I guess you hear that mentioned a lot with Doom Metal but seriously, this is on another level. As I loaded up “Temptress!” I immediately thought I would soon regret my decision after hitting the play button as the demo sounds as if they recorded their music in a shed…in a cave, yet strangely, it’s the dire production that adds to the eeriness of the record.

As far as Doom Metal goes, RCLVSE is definitely not the heaviest band around, yet I feel that their sombre tone is what could potentially drive them to become one of the greats in the genre, given a few years. However, unlike many Doom Metal artists you may be familiar with, J’s vocals are clean and sung in a chorus style fashion. This adds a morbid and chilling atmosphere to the demo, an idea I’m certain the band originally had in mind. This is especially true in their final seven-minute song “Bewitch The Sky”, where the dragging tempo depicts a scene of loneliness and ambience.  This is certainly the best song on their demo; it is insanely dark and murky sending chills down my spine especially as the song draws to a close with a good two minutes of soothing acoustic guitar. We are provided with slow guitar solos, which, whilst I feel they are unnecessary, they do sound pleasing and well in tune with their music.

The drums are pretty standard throughout each individual track, using the ride instead of the hi-hat for the majority to add to the chilling nature of the songs. Whilst the pattern stays the same throughout, the tempo changes in songs such as “Temptress!” are effective and add variety to the demo, which is a nice change from the dragging tempo we are normally used to.

While this album is good in terms of writing music, I feel that the production has let it down. Even though I stated that this added to the eeriness of the record, I feel that proper production could have greatly improved this album’s quality, perhaps allowing them to experiment more with their ambience in certain parts of the demo, yet I still look forward to what they can produce in the near future.

3 Star Rating

1. Temptress!
2. Of Many Names
3. Bewitch The Sky
J – Guitar, Vocals
C – Drums
B - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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