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Red Dead - Therapy of the Evil

Red Dead
Therapy of the Evil
by Tiffini Taylor at 13 February 2018, 11:40 AM

RED DEAD is Death Metal. Some like it, some don’t. No matter what, for these artists to play at the speeds and loudness that they do, there is no doubt that there is talent there. RED DEAD is an Old School Death Meatal band. They like it loud and in your face. “Therapy of the Evil” is all and more when it comes to Death Metal.

The first track is “Therapy of the Evil”, it begins with the sound of a chainsaw. Now, they are not the first band to use a chainsaw, ever hear of a band called JACKYL? Although JACKYL never sounded like they were cutting something or someone up with a chainsaw. Anyway, musically this is quite good an innovative. The use of the chainsaw and other sounds at the beginning is unique to them. This is like going to therapy, really it is. Anyone that has been to therapy will think so. The drums in this song is quite well played. The beat is, of course, fast and it all works.

The album is filled with good guitar, bass, and drums throughout played with a good and fast speed. This is a particular way that is Death Metal. Having an interesting vocal style helps in portraying the overall feel of horror of this album. This is good for any horror enthusiast. It would be great to be played in a special effects studio.

The song “Nightmares” could conjure up Freddy Kruger, just joking. A fast-paced song that one could not sleep to, but can keep one in the mosh pit all night long. Well done and well played. “Cut and Kill” has a beautiful guitar beginning. The harshness of the voice that proceeds the beginning is very shall I say, creepy, and it works well in the song. “Demons Visions” is another from the album with fantastic guitar playing. The bell that tolls in this song adds to the unique vocals and beat of it. The bell actually makes me think of “Dracula” by Bram Stoker and don’t know why. It’s very unique and totally unexpected. “Malted Venom” is not a malted milkshake by any means. It is a fast-paced song that includes vocals of a nightmarish proportion. One of the shortest drum solos in a song ever heard and the drums throughout are quite amazing.

“Tortured Spirits” is the last track on the album and it rounds out the entire album nicely. A good beginning with an almost scratch record sound throughout. It’s a creepy song with some interesting breathing and screaming. This is added to my Halloween list right now for fright night. The full album from RED DEAD is a loud reminder of what Death Metal is and should be. This creeps filled music can be quite a delight especially for horror fans.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Therapy of the Evil
2. All Hallows Evening
3. Nightmares
4. Cut and Kill
5. Vengeance
6. Brewer of Death
7. Demons Visions
8. Bestial Human
9. Ghost from the Old Port
10. Malted Venom
11. Tortured Spirits
Antho- Lead Guitar
Roolet- Bass and Vocals
Vincent- Guitar
Tony- Drums
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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