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Red Death - Sickness Divine

Red Death
Sickness Divine
by Quinten Serna at 17 December 2019, 5:22 AM

Following the wave of East Coast Thrash, RED DEATH, now within their 6th year, has unveiled their third full length album, “Sickness Divine.” Whilst the likes of ANTHRAX, OVERKILL, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, S.O.D, and other East Coast Thrashers have already made their marks on the scene the spirit is very much still alive for the younger thrashers that still write to the tune of unabridged anger and unrelenting speed.

Sickness Divine,” happens to be both the title track and commencing piece which itself starts up with a couple of acoustic guitars that jump in and out of descensions before striking out on a chord as the rest of the band quickly joins in with pounding drums, ringing rhythms, and weird leads. The song is rooted in Classic Thrash being built around a central theme and rhythm that repeats throughout the entirety of the song. “Face The Pain,” starts up with a Speed Metal-esque riff that also lays itself as the foundation for the verses; the entirety of the song—apart from the break—is built upon the motif crafted by the main riff. “The Anvil’s Ring,” starts off with a much more harmonious opening in comparison to the other tracks on the album, the song as a whole defines itself with baroque themes similar to the stylings of PACHELBEL before ending in dissonance.

Path Of Discipline,” slows things down  in its opening but quickly picks up the pace once again for the verses. “Exhalation Of Decay,” begins solely with bass and continues with the concept albeit with the aid of chanting before the entire band jumps in; the song is one of the slowest and most powerful tracks on the album, only gaining momentum near the end. The guitars are powerful and projected to be forward in the mix making them one of the most noticeable features of the soundscape, their tone is somewhere between full and mid-scooped crafting a nice niche that the strings can resound in without blending into the other instruments, yet still retaining their sense of power and strength. The bass is gargantuan and saturated filling every single crevice of the lower end with little effort. The drums are relentless and match the instruments in pristine precision.

The album features a great many assortment of tracks centered around different themes and builds which in turn craft a much larger sound profile for both the album and the band. There are a few tracks here and there which feel that they repeat too much of their respective main riffs in other parts of the same song, but also tracks centered around exploring harmony and unity yet still presented in a Thrash manner, which itself is a rarity for the genre. Overall the album offers a great deal of material for listeners to identify with or groove to, showcasing the bands talents in the process.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sickness Divine
2. Face The Pain
3. Sword Without A Sheath
4. The Anvil’s Ring
5. Sheep May Unsafely Graze
6. Path Of Discipline
7. (Refuse To Be) Bound By Chains
8. Dreadful Perception
9. Ravage
10. Exhalation Of Decay
DHD—Bass and Vocals
Connor Donegan—Drums
Ace Mendoza—Guitars
Will Wagstaff—Guitars
Record Label: Century Media Records


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