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Red Eleven - Round II Award winner

Red Eleven
Round II
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 18 August 2014, 10:41 AM

Hailing from Finland, RED ELEVEN are a five member band. They released their debut album back in 2013, and now after only a year, they are releasing their new album with the obvious name "Round II". "Round II" comes with twelve tracks filled with Metal meets Rock meets Alternative Rock. Its sound looks easy on paper (or should I say bytes), however many bands did fail trying mix many genres and sub-genres to make a full album. After first listen I can tell you that this is not the case here. RED ELEVEN did something not easy at all, they took me a purist that love pure Metal genres and made me listen to their album over and over again. The use of keyboards that create a Power Metal atmosphere with great riffing caught me from the start , track number two, “Second Round” his a clear demonstration for that , fast , classic and very catchy.

I thought at first that it would be a hard review however in the end I found that music is the best words I can write. RED ELEVEN’s new album has to be listened to, to be understood and no words will explain the vibe the album sends nor it will explain what palates will enjoy the taste of this album. I think that the majority of Metal and Rock lovers will enjoy this album, and I think that this is what RED ELEVEN tried to do and succeeded in their task. So after lots of mambling don’t miss “The Wrong Enemy” and “Last Night” that I think are the best of the rest, all the tracks are good and that’s the real story hear. Making an album that is great is not easy, however making an album that doesn’t have weak points it's harder.

4 Star Rating

1. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
2. Second Round
3. Narrow Mind
4. Tomorrow’s Path
5. The Turning Point
6. The Wrong Enemy
7. Behind Illusion
8. Famous For Being Famous
9. Last Night
10. Hide & Seek
11. Running Blind
12. Shine On Me
Tony Kaikkonen - Vocals
Teemu Liekkala – Guitars, Backing vocals
J-V Hintikka - Guitars
Pasi Pasanen - Drums
Petteri Vaalimaa – Bass
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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