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Red Enemy- Red Enemy Award winner

Red Enemy
Red Enemy
by Calen Nesten at 25 May 2015, 2:53 PM

Irish metal heads: RED ENEMY released their debut, self titled album in November of last year (2014). Within the first few moments of the album you can tell that RED ENEMY isn't content to sit on the sidelines of the metal world, they have jumped right into the front lines with a maniacal frenzy. RED ENEMY is a fast, metallic and deliciously violent in their sound, a perfect example of what metal should sound like! RED ENEMY combines  hardcore blast-beats and breakdowns with effects and riffs, at times reminiscent of 90's metal and early 2000's hardcore.

For example, the track “Grave Seekers” has a more psychedelic, emotional feel than most other songs on the album. It reminds me of a cross between old SOUNDGARDEN (for the instruments) and Botch (vocally). I honestly haven't been blown away by an album for quite some time. And the track has one of the sickest breakdowns I have heard in a while. RED ENEMY is great, but they could have been washed away with the wave of hardcore bands only a few years ago. They certainly aren't  breaking any barriers or doing anything unique. But, the one thing that sets RED ENEMY apart, for me, is the obvious passion they have for their art. You can tell by the production of the album and the tightness of the band that they have been marinating for a long time, straight to perfection. Give them a listen, this is a command,they are hard, fast, kick ass. Listen to them, now, and never go back. The god's of metal are speaking through me. …Well, okay, that is a tad dramatic, but RED ENEMY is seriously kick ass. I firmly believe that anyone who thinks metal is “meh” will be turned on to the genre through this band.

Keep it up, boyos.

5 Star Rating

1. Blind Eyes
2. (Mis) Leaders
3. Anchorless
4. Demons
5. Grave Seekers
6. Poisoned Blood
7. Night Eyes
8. Welcoming Dark Days
9. False Kings/Secret Streets
10. Homeward Roads In Foreign Lands
11. Death's Shadow
12. Second Heart
Kevin Letford - Vocals
Conor Dockery - Guitar
Jay Doyle - Bass
Daniel Lang - Drums
Record Label: Mediaskare Records


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