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Red Eye - Tales From The Days Of Yore Award winner

Red Eye
Tales From The Days Of Yore
by V. Srikar at 27 March 2019, 9:19 PM

With each new generation, we keep asking the same question, with the same fears. Is this band here to stay, and are they innovative enough? Spain’s new age Doom quartet RED EYE released their debut full length album “Tales From The Days Of Yore” earlier this February for us to answer this question.

With just 6 songs and clocking over 47 min, you would think that the album is a straight forward Doom album, but RED EYE definitely offers more than just that. “Encounter” starts with a very low tempo atmospheric sound, before the screaming clean vocals chime in, with the heavy guitar and bass riffs. The drums are almost ignorable, and I wish they were a tad bit louder, but this doesn’t ruin the song, as the lads are not going in for heaviness here. Instead what you get here is, a faint melodic Doomy trip to a unique music consisting of a nice blend of Stoner, Doom, Sludge and Psychedelic Rock and Metal with great efficiency. Not to mention, the juicy fast paced riffs towards the latter parts of the song. It’s a great start. “BHC” starts with a blurry chaotic distorted riffs, before some lazy vocals and drum beats kick in, with that to and fro riff between silence and the heavy Doom riff continuing throughout the song. Once again, I feel that the music is not loud enough to create the impact that I am looking for, which is the only critic that I have here. But the atmospheric melodic parts are infused beautifully with great production effort put in place for the effects of nature like water and also some Horror infused sounds. The distorted Sludge-Doom riff are just beautiful, really cool to be honest, especially when you add, a faint guitar solo in the background.

Azathoth” starts with an interesting bass solo, before the chaotic distorted guitar riffs kick in, with somewhat loud blast beats. The vocals here are not just lazy, but has a crying ‘help-me’ vibe to it. The song has influences of Doom legends of BLACK SABBATH and CATHEDRAL written all over it, except for the unique atmospheric melodic parts, which although are not very unique to the genre itself, but RED EYE definitely offer a new perspective to the genre and this music itself. With each song averaging more than 7-8 minutes, the tension built here is just insane and takes you to a journey worth its time. “Hall of the Slain” is a bit of a disappointment here, compared to some of the other songs here. Its not a bad song as it does have some really cool riffs and song structure, but offers very little different compared to the other songs here. Even the atmospheric melodic parts sound uninspiring here.

Yagé” has a nice chugging Doom vibe to it, with good clean vocals, nothing very unique or innovative, but just doing old school Doom right. The bizarre eerie lyrics add the extra needed flavour to the album, with the great sharp vocals, and my earlier criticism of the sound being not loud enough seems to have been addressed here. The album ends with another long song in “Waves” clocking exactly 9:30 minutes. With almost boring lazy vocals, the song throws in some heavy slow juicy riffs in the middle, it makes a great journey in the end, encapsulating the overall sound of the band. But the interesting part of the promo that I received was that the actual song was only 5:42 minutes after which the rest of the song was a stream of melodic instrumental containing flute, guitar and drums titled “Halcyon Rhythms”, pretty cool, but didn’t do much to me to be honest.

With a name like RED EYE, you would expect a much more sinister and darker sound, but the Spanish lads give you just enough Doom to Sludge along. There are lots of melodic parts infused in the music, and overall, I wish the guitars were a bit louder. This is a great debut album, and with all its cons, this one has put the band in spotlight for sure.

Production: 10
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Encounter
2. BHC
3. Azathoth
4. Hall of the Slain
5. Yagé
6. Waves
Juanan Román - Bass
Ángel Arcas - Drums
Antonio Campos - Guitars, Vocals
Pablo Terol - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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