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Red Lamb - Self-Titled

Red Lamb
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 December 2012, 4:54 PM

Like lambs heading for the slaughter…There will be some of you that I haven't been well updated with what is going on in the Metal world today, probably because long time ago I was left wondering what happened with ex-ANTHRAX lead guitarist, Dan Spitz, yeah the one that lasted throughout the band's prime releases of the 80s. Recently, after receiving the word about his new project RED LAMB, I can't say that I wasn't interested right from very beginning. I have always remembered Spitz as one of the aces of ANTHRAX as a shrewd lead axman that flicked my switch more than ones on the ANTHRAX classic songs. Now, as it seems, Mr. Spitz is also a producer, engineer and composer for this new undertaking. Along with himself, and Dave Mustaine as Co-Producer, Spitz got a hold of the vocalist Don Chaffin, to handle the vocal duties while he took care of the guitars, bass, programmed drums and whole through the production end. Together the massed their harsh but rather logical perceptions regarding the state of today's modern society, emotional discharge,  the inner turmoil within one's soul, anger towards lack of competence and disgust through twelve tasty tracks under a self-titled album via the newly found Hansel & Gretel label. Generally its Heavy Metal, not that influenced by the 80s but more of the late 90s awakening, fused with American bravura grooves, more of the streets of NYC style without mentioning Hardcore, and a few indications of Thrash. Take the later era of MEGADETH and bash it in with early 90s ANTHRAX and ANNIHILATOR, for me it sounded colorful enough.

The album's sound caught me head on; Spitz seemed to be highly inspired with that crunchy and clear sounding orientation that led me back to old MEGADETH albums like "Countdown To Extinction", later on "The World Needs Another Hero" and also reminiscent of ANTHRAX's "Sound Of White Noise" and ANNIHILATOR's "Set The World On Fire" and "King Of The Kill". What can I say I like Thrash, and when dictated by great contents of Heavy Metal, it’s a prize for every listener, in this particular case, yours truly. Furthermore, I couldn't help myself for noticing and also sharing that info with you of how much Chaffin's vocal pattern reminded me of Dave Mustaine meets Jeff Waters. He displayed a slight melodic edge than the two but what a powerful voice and a hell of a diction. Man I enjoyed it a lot. Chaffin made quite a difference for this release and it seemed so natural for him to sing these songs without anyone objecting. As far as the commanding Spitz's playing on guitars and bass, I had no doubt that it would be fabulous but I had to let roll and survey the tunes numerous of times. However, I might add that several of his soloing displays weren't that convincing and less shiny than a few of the rhythm guitar riffing demonstrated.

Throughout the tracklist there was a large amount of frustration and animosity, needless to say antagonism, towards the doings of man and the inner suffering, one could have built a Manhattan sized metropolitan filled with Skyscrapers, but, and you can call me a egoistic prick, I didn't care because these negative happenings inflicted ounces of energy to the music. "Standby Passenger", a one angry mother, left me thinking about all those people anxiously waiting for something good to happen their way. But in the end of the day, they can't escape the mooning that life wreaks on them to the verge of insanity. I liked riffing, catchy type of vocals but in a diverse form and well programmed drumming. "Keep Pushing Me", still angry as always, sounded a bit more commercialized with a catchy type chorus but a one neck biting singing line on the verses, not to mention the awesome rhythm guitar shards. "Puzzle Box" is an everyday parents' nightmare about the frustration of the teenage period. With hard to the core Thrash type riffing and with such an inspiring theme, this one will lead you to hang on for more. To sum this up, this is the answer for everyone who wanted to check out what has been going on with Dan Spitz. No doubt about it that both his and Chaffin's contribution made this one to be a red hot lamb. The riffs are both banging and interesting, the solos could have been a bit more fired up but still good, and all the arrangements made it closer to perfection. Head out to check this one and please buy it. The streets are calling for the RED LAMB.

4 Star Rating

1. The Cage
2. Runaway Train
3. Standby Passenger
4. One Shell (In The Chamber
5. Puzzle Box
6. Watchman
7. Keep Pushing Me
8. Get Up
9. Don’t Threaten To Love Me
10. Angels Of War
11. Warpaint
12. Temptation 
Dan Spitz – Rhythm / Lead Guitars / Bass / Programming
Don Chaffin - Vocals
Record Label: Hansel & Gretel


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