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Red Line Chemistry - Chemical High And A Hand Grenade

Red Line Chemistry
Chemical High And A Hand Grenade
by Chelsea Jennings at 03 August 2015, 8:42 PM

RED LINE CHEMISTRY are a rock band from Kansas City, USA. RED LINE CHEMISTRY were originally formed in 2004, and are back with their latest release "Chemical High And A Hand Grenade" via their record label Pavement Music, which was released on July 24th, 2015.

RED LINE CHEMISTRY are a rock band that have just released a new concept album in "Chemical High And A Hand Grenade". The concept behind the album is a guy who is high on drugs, and is chasing a woman that he wants very aggressively. He has a proverbial "hand grenade" in hand and wants to get this woman to submit to him.

Tracks like "Bullets and Armor" talk about how this person will not be able to go on in life till their broken heart is mended. He has to go get a hold of this girl before he can begin healing. "Chemical High And A Hand Grenade" is about him being high, and going after this woman with his personal "hand grenade" in tow. He will not stop until this girls says yes. He will not take no for an answer. He will push until he gets what he wants. He will chase her down till she is his.

Next comes the feelings that come with the relationship this person gets themselves into by investing themselves emotionally/mentally/physically/socially/spiritually in this woman as his "everything". "Heavy" talks about all the emotional baggage that comes with being in such an intimate, close relationship with someone like this guy is with the woman he is after. "The Empty" discusses the concept of him getting inside this woman's head. There is really nothing in this woman's head, but there is something that is mesmerizing this person about what is in her head. He is addicted and cannot get away from it. "Penny Drama" is about all the petty, stupid drama that comes with being a with a snobby, demanding woman like the one that he has found.

"Apology" is the end of it all where the guy is apologizing for what he has done to this woman. He messed her up, and he feels bad about what happened to her. He wants to make things right for her, and he ends up at the song of "Bloodlust (Dead In Santa Clara)" where they end up staying together and are happy and festive in the end. They are all in their own little world, and nothing else but their happiness matters to them anymore. The album provides the "classic happy ending" to the relationship.

RED LINE CHEMISTRY is a rock band with a great, creative feel to them. They combine the two common ideas of women and drugs together to make a classic rock-themed concept album. "Chemical High And A Hand Grenade" also has a more melodic feel, but is also still heavy, hard, and upbeat to put together the pieces that make a great "classical rock" sounding release from RED LINE CHEMISTRY.

4 Star Rating

1. Bullets And Armor
2. Chemical High And A Hand Grenade
3. Heaby
4. Meds For The Hypocrite
5. The Empty
6. Penny Drama
7. The Solider
8. Thinking Retro Kills
9. Becoming Of Aints
10. Apology
11. Home
12. Bloodlust (Dead In Santa Clara)
Brett Ditgen - Vocals
Andy Briet - Lead Guitars
Dave Fyten - Rhythm Guitars
Tom Brown - Bass
Mike Mazzarese - Drums
Record Label: Pavement Music


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