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Red Razor - Beer Revolution

Red Razor
Beer Revolution
by V.Srikar at 26 August 2015, 9:08 PM

So I am back after a long time with an easy going Beer/Drinking lyrics driven Thrash band, and it’s not MUNICIPAL WASTE or DRI, but Brazil’s new face of Thrash - RED RAZOR, who released their debut album “Beer Revolution” this July 14th.

The album has simplicity etched in it, while still trying to make it sound innovative and crazy at the same time. I say simplicity because the riffs are not overly complex, but are rather easy on the ears and still manage to create innovative song structures. It’s hard not to compare with the big daddies of the Thrash Metal with similar lyrics like LOST SOCIETY, and other aforementioned bands, but clearly RED RAZOR brings a new dimension to the fun. The album starts with a song titled “Wish You Were Beer” – WOW, and its sounds fine too with all those over the top solos and punkish riffs, angling towards Crossover genre. The self-titled “Red Razor” grabs your attention for the guitar work. While the song is fast paced and easy going, but closer attention will tell you it’s technically beautiful too and the backing vocals work great to make it an appealing anthem too. “Shut Up And Mosh” tried to bring in a different riff theme and it sort of doesn’t live up to the expectation, especially built up due to the song name.  The raw sound of drumbeats is very much noteworthy in “Napalm Pizza”. The album really does come alive with “Alive” with some of the best riffs that I have heard in Thrash in recent times! As much cliché or crazy this may sound, but I have to say that the title track “Beer Revolution” definitely resonates what the album cover art gives you as the first impression – it’s all beer and party till death! “Cancerous Prelude” offers a nice break as a 1 min instrumental, which is surprisingly worthy of the band’s effort. The album ends with “Temple of Lies”, the longest song of the album, as it brings some more variety of Thrashy riffs.

“Beer Revolution”, as an album, again underlines the romanticism of Thrash bands with beer and related lyrical obsession. I know many critics would say Thrash is dead and lacks innovation for going back to the same old lyrics, but frankly I am not complaining as long as each band brings something new to the table and continues to blast some good Thrash with innovative riffs, and eh, you always get a new reason to get drunk!

4 Star Rating

1. Wish You Were Beer
2. Red razor
3. Shut Up And Mosh
4. Napalm Pizza
5. Alive
6. Beer Revolution
7. Controversial Freedom
8. Cancerous Prelude
9. Malignant Cell
10. Temple of Lies
Felipe Ferreire - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Fabricio Valle - Guitars, Leading Vocals
Gustavo Kretzer - Bass, Backing Vocals
Igor Thiesen - Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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