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Red Rose – Anniversary

Red Rose
by Andrew Sifari at 24 March 2015, 1:15 AM

No matter what kind of music you like, we all need something pleasant to listen to every once in a while, a sonic manifestation of the joy we are feeling, or want to feel. I love listening to SUFFOCATION, but music like that doesn’t fit every mood. The newest release by Israel’s RED ROSE, “Anniversary,” should be just the thing for those looking for a dose of sunshine in their life.

The title of the band’s newest EP refers to 2015 being the band’s fifth year together, which they celebrate with this handful of new tunes. “Anniversary” stands out in part because of its relentlessly upbeat attitude, confidently delivered through their 80s Pop/Metal sound. The band border on over-enthusiastic at times, sure, but it is for no lack of sincerity on their part. Songs like “Never Surrender” and “Make You Believe” are energetic rockers that double as motivational anthems, while the band show a more open, honest approach on “Everything Can Change” and the powerful ballad “At The Crossroad.” The former song absolutely engrosses the listener with a chorus that reaches for the stars, especially with its swirling keyboards and hypnotic, yet heart-pounding double-bass drums. “At The Crossroad” could have done without the emphatic, 80s-style synthesizer break around mid-song, although it’s not enough to distract from the warmth and inspiration that radiates from the ever-hopeful lyrics Leve Laiter so eloquently delivers.

It also has a couple of the heaviest riffs on the entire release, which is funny in a way, but it also makes a lot of sense. RED ROSE are going for something more fulfilling than mere ‘heaviness’ or ‘image,’ with songs that are more about the message and feeling than the typically vain instrumental displays that plague many a Metal album/artist. That aspect alone doesn’t necessarily make them ‘better’ than your average Death/Prog/Other-Metal band, but it does speak volumes to their maturity and understanding of their own strengths, which is more than many others can claim themselves.

While those who value heaviness and bombast over everything may be disappointed, “Anniversary” has a lot to offer in terms of catchy, well-written songs that are bound to brighten one’s day, even if just a little.

4 Star Rating

1. Never Surrender
2. At The Crossroad
3. Everything Can Change
4. Make You Believe
Leve Laiter - Bocals
Elnur Aliev - Guitars
Deion Kristen - Keyboards
Eli Reeve – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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