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Red Rose – Live The Life You Have Imagined

Red Rose
Live The Life You Have Imagined
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 28 November 2011, 8:00 PM

Finally I got the RED ROSE album, first Israeli release that I've been waiting for a long time after the buzz that was around those guys. Their story began when two different bands were split and became one in 2010. RED ROSE recorded their debut album in Denmark under the hand of the producer Tommy Hansen who worked with some great artists as GAMMA RAY and HELLOWEEN. He did a great job with the production.

From the first listen I could hear a mixture of melodic Hard Rock like DEEP PURPLE with some Progressive Metal motives in the likes of ROYAL HUNT. Though I am no keyboard fan, I must admit that the dynamics between it and the guitars looks good. The singer reminds me of an hybridization between SCORPIONS and BONFIRE with his clean voice.

In the beginning I found RED ROSE going little bit round and round with loads of expressive instrumental parts within their song especially in their hit single, "Voice From The Night" that is one of the best tracks in the album, on the mid solo section that starts with a fusion of keys and guitars, yet after a few listens I got hooked and addicted.

"Name on the Stone" is another one of  their best tracks here, presenting melodic Heavy Metal when all the band sing along the chorus and make it powerful. I found their complex oriented songs to be less good than their melodic Hard Rock material. For example, "Gone with the Sunrise", a track that didn't leave any impression on me.

Their ballad "Dreamer" is a nice one but I think that their singer could have sung it in a less monotonic pattern. It's a shame that only in the end we got to hear his powerful abilities. I liked when the song suddenly developed from a ballad into a rocker in the middle of the solo part that was so unique and interesting. "Tough to Love" is straightly a RAINBOW / DEEP PURPLE style song, with a emphasis that trails to the keyboard parts but it was too bad that the chorus was less powered than on the verses of the song. “When The Sun Down" is a perfect way to finish the album added by a very flowing acoustical part.

In general, I think that RED ROSE has a good potential with their driving hard rocking sound, they present an interesting stuff that combines good old Hard Rock with various of modern additions.

3 Star Rating

1.Turn Back The Time
2.Name Of  a Stone
3.The Last Drop
4.Gone With The Sunrise
5.Voice From The Night
7.Tough To Love
8.When The Sun Goes Down
Leve Laiter - Vocals
Elnur Aliev - Guitars
Deion Kristen - Keyboards
Eli Reeve – Bass

Sam Davidoff - Session Drums
Record Label: Bakerteam Records


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