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Red Rot - Mal De Vivre

Red Rot
Mal De Vivre
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 15 October 2022, 4:45 AM

The forms of how Death Metal can be presented are endless, and only bound by the musician’s creativeness. Of course, many are linked to Old School tendencies and make pretty works, but there are some bands that prefer to explore different visions and expand limits. It’s the ‘need to be yourself’ arising in an inexorable way, so the unusual can be expected, as in the case of the Italian quartet RED ROT that comes with “Mal De Vivre”,

It’s a form of Death Metal that can be labeled as Atmospheric Death Metal, what means that their brutality and aggressiveness are full of experimental/Progressive inserts similar to those ones found on bands as VED BUENS ENDE (on its classic album “Written in Waters”) in many moments (as can be heard on “Ashes”). It’s a form of music based on contrasts and unexpected features, but’s filled with energy and personality. It can be a bit hard to swallow to those non-used fans, but it’s really very good, and will have a deep appeal for those that loves different forms of making extreme Metal. The sonority tries to bind things: to have the crushing brutality that Death Metal albums must bear, and the enough clarity to be understood in its experimental parts. The goal was reached to a good level, but something could be better worked. It’s good, but could be better.

The horror-like ambiences with Progressive/experimental outfits are constant features presented on “Mal De Vivre”. And for begin with, the right ones are “Ashes” (a bitter song that shows a maelstrom of rhythms that goes from extreme experimental Metal to Death Metal, with nasty and technical guitars filling the spaces of the song), “Undeceased” (that gives the idea of a Death Metal song before the changes on ambiences start, based on rhythms that shifts in an unusual form), “Near Disaster” (another chaotic moment, with unexpected changes on the vocals tunes, to Gothic to snarls), “After the Funeral” (some parts similar to Gothic Doom Metal acts can be heard contrasting with technical and harsh moments), “Greatest Failure” (another song with contrasts between the vocals, with harsh parts contrasting with Progressive moments, in a way similar to the creative chaos of ARCTURUS), “Conversation with the Demon” (even with some technical care on bass guitar and drums, this song isn’t hard to be assimilated due its melodies), “Emotional Neglect” (a short and brutal moment based in the greater part of time on a Death Metal outfit), “Gruesome Memento” (a deeper and funereal Progressive Death Metal song full of weird and darkened moments, again presenting a good work on bass guitar and drums), and “Dysmorphia” and “Under Attack” (very good rhythmic changes and guitars can be found in this one). But taste the entire album.

RED ROT is really a courageous band, as is depicted by “Mal De Vivre”, but they can sail in even deeper waters in the future…potential for that they have.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Ashes
2. Undeceased
3. Near Disaster
4. Everlasting Creature
5. After the Funeral
6. Alpha Predator
7. Greatest Failure
8. Behind the Secret
9. Conversation with the Demon
10. Dualism
11. Emotional Neglect
12. Gruesome Memento
13. Dishonorably Discharged
14. Maelstrom
15. Dysmorphia
16. Under Attack
17. Peregrin
Luciano George Lorusso - Vocals
Davide Tiso - Guitars
Ian Baker - Bass
Ron Bertrand - Drums
Record Label: Svart Records


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