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Red Seas Fire - Resolution

Red Seas Fire
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 19 May 2015, 6:28 PM

There are bands using a more modern and strong insight during the creation of their musical work on Metal on these days. And this evolution on Metal is a consequence of the evolution of mankind. Technology, way of thinking, science, philosophy and all these factors influences (maybe directly or nor) the way of Metal is done. And no, every change closes the door on the past, but opens another one to the future. For some, it’s a pity, but for others, it’s very good thing, a sign that Metal is alive and adapting itself to new generations. That’s the reason for bands like RED SEAS FIRE, from England, to exist and to come with their new work, the EP “Resolution”.

Here, it’s an abrasive way of making Metalcore, intense and brutal, but at the very same time, it’s melodic and even introspective. But the greater difference between their music from other bands is a more melodic and accessible way of making things. Yes, the vocals presents harsh tunes, but melodic clean voices as well; the guitar does some fine and tender riffs, but some violent and heavy as well; and the rhythmic basis created by the bass guitar and drums is very technical, but heavy as well. And their music sounds alive and very good.

The sound quality is ok. It’s clear in a way we can understand what they are playing, even the musical arrangements and details are clear. But don’t think it’s not heavy, because it is, and very heavy.

We can say that “Hourglass” mixes both sides of their work, being aggressive and tender in the due moments, using very good clean vocals. On “Blood Bank”, there are some fine arrangements full of groove elements, but as well the bass and drums works are very good. On “The Mistake We Make”, there’s a more technical approach, with the guitar riffs using melodic and brutal accords here and there, along with very good vocals. And “Ocean Death” has two distinct sides: the beginning, melodic, soft and tender, and the second part, more aggressive, even with evident melodies on guitars and vocals.

A very good band, indeed.

4 Star Rating

1. Hourglass
2. Blood Bank
3. The Mistake We Make
4. Ocean Death
Robin Adams - Vocals
Pete Graves - Guitar
Jake Fogarty - Drums
Jon Worgan - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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