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Red Sky Mary - River Child Award winner

Red Sky Mary
River Child
by Jeff Legg at 21 April 2015, 5:57 PM

With the technological evolution of digital media, coupled with the ever-growing self-promotion of social media, it has never been easier for a band to record an album and immediately distribute it to their target audience, no strings attached. Anyone and everyone can purchase cheap software, turn their computer into a recording studio, and have a full-length album completed in a matter of days, resulting in an onslaught of music available at the click of a button. Along with this relative ease of putting out a record, comes musical saturation, a watered down effect, and for most aficionados of great rock and roll, finding your way through this musical maze is daunting. Although a record deal is not a necessity anymore (for every band with a deal, there are a thousand without one), it is still coveted by most recording artists, whether they want to admit it or not, as there’s a lot to be said for being surrounded by professionals at every level along the recording process. Rest assured, though label executives may be more hesitant to sign artists now than in years past, the really good bands, the “big ones”, don’t stay independent for long. The cream always rises to the top.

One of the best “big ones” I’ve heard in a long time is RED SKY MARY, and believe me, they will be rising to the top at a fast pace. Signed to Carved Records, and being label mates with TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, could be intimidating for most young bands, but these guys possess the talent and swagger of a seasoned headliner and fear nothing.

Without a doubt, RED SKY MARY is headed for stardom. Bands this good don’t come around that often, and when they do, it doesn’t take the ravenous rock and roll population long to take notice. This straightforward, blues infused rock and roll band has been creating a “buzz” throughout the music industry for the past few years and their live shows have become legendary, while amassing a huge fan base that would rival anyone playing live music today. And now in 2015, with the release of their forthcoming album, “River Child”, they are ready to explode onto the worldwide scene. Hailing from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this band is steeped in talent with Sam Vlasich (vocals), Tom Boisse (guitar), Gary Boisse (bass), and Barrett Goeman (drums) meshing together like a band that has been on the road together for decades. Most describe RSM’s sound as simply, classic rock. But don’t pigeonhole this band; there are way too many variables in play here to put such a modest label on them. They can play loud, fast, and heavy at a head-banging tempo, or slow it down to the speed of cold honey. By managing to incorporate the sounds of some of the greats of the 70’s, like AEROSMITH, LED ZEPPELIN, and BAD COMPANY, and the edgy “hair band” style of 80’s giants AC/DC, THE BLACK CROWES, and GUNS N ROSES, with a fresh and modern pure rock sound, RED SKY MARY have created a monster.

Having independently released a self-titled, 8 song album in 2011 and the full-length album, “Red Witch” in 2012 to critical acclaim, their new 10-track offering, “River Child”, is an instant classic. Vlasich’s powerful higher register, bluesy vocals are magical and spot on, and his musical prowess exudes the swagger and presence of a young Robert Plant from deep within his soul. This guy is the epitome of what a lead singer should be. Tom Boisse plays the guitar as if her were raised in the 70’s, and has a flare for the blues riff like few young guitarists in recent years, and his infectious solos are where he truly shines. But for me, the songs are what set this band apart from the rest. For being such a young band, RSM are incredible songwriters, and it shows through with brilliance, as there is not a weak track on the release. Being able to harness the passion and electricity of their live shows, was no doubt a goal for them on this album, and that vibe is present throughout.

With the addition of this band to their roster, Carved Records is now two-for-two, after “hitting it out of the park” with the successes that TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION has garnered in recent years, and RED SKY MARY are intent on proving that they are the next in line. These guys have the talent and savvy to become a household name, sooner than later, and “River Child” is a masterpiece that will definitely have this band playing on bigger stages in the upcoming months and years. This is definitely my frontrunner for album of the year, so far. If you haven’t already done so, get behind this band and support, support, support. Don’t make me have to tell you, “I told you so”…… 

5 Star Rating

1. All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose
2. Payback
3. Gone
4. Run Ragged
5. South of the City
6. Howl
7. Pride
8. I Will Wait For You
9. Too Much
10. River Child
Sam Vlasich - Vocals
Tom Boisse - Guitar
Gary Boisse - Bass
Barrett Goeman - Drums
Record Label: Carved Records


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