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Red Stone Chapel – Omega Boombox

Red Stone Chapel
Omega Boombox
by Dave Nowels at 18 December 2019, 4:04 PM

RED STONE CHAPEL are a heavy rock band out of Germany. According to their Facebook and Bandcamp pages, the band refers to their incarnation of rock as Heavy Swamp Music. Now, maybe I'm just a bit naive, but are there swamps in Germany? There must be. I guess. Either way, the band's new release is titled “Omega Boombox and arrives via Argonauta Records, and follows their 2016 EP release, “Damagecreek Sessions”.

So as far as that Heavy Swamp Music label…..yeah I can go with it. It's a heavy sludgy affair to be sure. PANTERA, CROBAR and CLUTCH all come to mind, and lets get one thing absolutely clear…..The riffs are insanely good. Jonah and Dennis absolutely slay. The release opens with a track titled, “Squid Limbo” and at first I wasn't quite sure what direction this one was going. Between the guitars and Christoph's bass lines, it had all the characteristics of Classic Metal with a Thrash underlying feel (perhaps because of Kris' drum intro). But, as the song breaks open, the groove turns into that muddy, Sludge. I'm digging the vibe. I like it so far. But then the vocals begin.

Admittedly, I've mentioned in many reviews that I struggle accepting German vocalists attempting to present in English. It's me, not them. I just don't take to it well at all. Dimi's vocals on “Squid Limbo” don't make any inroads on changing my opinion, though I felt more optimistic with track 2, “Dead Man's Chime”. Alas, it's just not meant to be. The vocals on “Panta Rhei” are like Oscar the Grouch is leading the band, and that continues with “Praise The Fool”. Lyrically, I can't really get a feel of what's happening, though in “Panta Rhei” there seems to be something about Ted Nugent. And guns, but I'm unsure why. Just odd.

Overall, I'm disappointed. I can't get past the vocals and lyrics as the band's music is well executed track after track. While the musicianship is top notch, unfortunately the production is hideous. Horrible, muddy and uneven in levels. Amateurish at best. Sorry folks, this one is a hard pass.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 3
Production: 3


2 Star Rating

1. Squid Limbo
2. Dead Man's Chime
3. Thieves In The Attic
4. Panta Rhei
5. Praise The Fool
6. The Paper King
7. Omega Boombox
8. Herc (That Motherfucker)
Kris - Drums
Christoph - Bass
Jonah – Guitar, Harp, Organ
Dennis - Guitar
Dimi - Vox
Nico - Guitar
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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