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Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin (CD)

The Origins Of Ruin
by Michael Dalakos at 28 March 2007, 7:19 PM

Eeeeeee!!! Holy thunderfuck! Does Alder actually sing in this album or what? Do we really need to wait for a REDEMPTION album to listen one of the most charismatic throats in metal unraveling his abilities? Will I ever find out which is the fastest mammal on Earth? So many questions seeking an answer but I guess you are more interested finding out what the new REDEMPTION album is all about.
Well it goes pretty much like this: imagine a band having a charismatic guitar player / keyboardist as a leader. A guy who enjoy by stitching countless riffs into solid compositions, but at the same time never dropping down heaviness in favor of complexity. Now imagine the same band having in its ranks (let me copy / paste a bit) one of the most charismatic throats in metal. Also add for the flavor a Spartan discipline rhythm section filling all the gaps in between. What you get? Miracle releases like The Origins Of Ruin from bands such as REDEMPTION.
The third studio album of REDEMPTION is another fine example about how interesting power / prog can sound if the band delivering the goods is not wasting its time on meaningless manifestations of manhood by adding countless solos and ludicrously extensive instrumental parts. I rest my case with these gentlemen - the metal aspect of their music might bring in mind more technical acts such as ZERO HOUR but at the same time there's so many glorious moments that can easily touch some sensitive chords in us (like the AMAZING song Memory).
The production of the album is really thick and heavy. Once again the band teamed up with Tommy Newton and the outcome really works in favor of them. Thought he majority of the songs in here are quite lengthy I have to say that I didn't lose interest for one second while listening this album.
This is definitely a must have for the fans of intriguing music.

4 Star Rating

The Suffocating Silence
Bleed Me Dry
The Death Of Faith & Reason
The Origins Of Ruin
Man Of Glass
Blind My Eyes
Used To Be
Fall On You
Ray Alder - Vocals
Nicolas Van Dyk - Guitars, keyboards
Bernie Versailles - Guitars
Sean Andrews - Bass
Chris Quirarte - Drums
Record Label: Inside Out


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