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Redkey - Rage Of Fire (CD)

Rage Of Fire
by Grigoris Chronis at 19 October 2006, 5:04 PM

I've missed this 'nostalgic' voice. My mind travelled many years back. Hence, the news for this new band's lineup did fill my soul with lots of anticipation! Who can recall a highly 'unlucky' German Metal act named as 'Heavens Gate'? Not 'offending' their later releases, the fine quintet's first two albums were such a thrill. O tempora, o mores…
Sascha Paeth may now be a well-known - and highly respected - producer, since he has done marvelous job for bands like Angra, Shaman, Rhapsody (Of Fire), Kamelot, After Forever and others. He is also credited for the Aina Metal opera - have not heard this effort, though - plus his Gate Studios 'palace' is ranked among the elit of recording studios for Metal music. Still, he was in prior known as the axeman behind Heavens Gate. This band was active till 1999 - Menergy was their last release - but every serious European Metal fan should own the act's first two recordings, 1988's In Control plus 1991's Livin' In Hysteria. Two pieces of intelligent German Metal with excellent songwriting and impressive instrumentation these two albums were. Here comes the value of Thomas Rettke; a striking singer with 'classic' Metal influences smartly filtered with some pre-'melodic Metal' parts in order to achieve expressiveness and uniqueness in his performance. A 'true' collaborator of Paeth in Heavens Gate, the news for him singing in this newly formed (I guess) project could not escape the fans' attention. Let's see…
For those familiar with the Heavens Gate style, it was quite obvious that the band did have a lot to say regarding their Judas Priest/Saxon influences. This 'tradition' does carry on in Redkey, now 'updated' to the sound/production requirements of our era. And who can 'see' this necessity better than Paeth himself? Really, it is obligatory to refer - first of all - to the sound of Rage Of fire, since it truly is the finest example of how to support 'fresh' songwriting with a sound/mix that is equally separated into 'new' and 'old' divisions. All instruments are in equivalent presence, while the 'clean' aura of experienced musicians is easily spread throughout the whole album.
In terms of the music itself, the abovementioned Judas Priest relation is noticeable. Sharp guitars, distinctive singing and lots of 'solid' bass/drums playing can only guide your thinking to the post-1986 'deeds' of the British legends. If you've also 'bumped' into the Tim 'Ripper' Owens' Beyond Fear same-titled debut, then there's further clarification. To extend (and sum it up): you can easily like this album if you also keen on the (late) Vicious Rumors or Brainstorm discographies. Still, you should realize this is an album 'made' in Germany, for this reason you should expect(!!!) Edguy mainman Mr. Sammet guesting on the album's last song, the 'epic' The Fortune. My god…
Redkey and Rage Of Fire do serve the same goal: up-to-date real Heavy Metal; no nu or anything like this. Essential for lovers of the specific genre, you'll hardly - anyway - overrule their proposal if you consider yourself to be a 'normal' metalhead.

3 Star Rating

Man 'N' Machine
Rage Of Fire
Be My Guide
Gone Too Far
Peace & War
Easy Way Out
Metal Head
The Fortune
Thomas Rettke - Vocals
Sascha Paeth - Guitars
Andre Barowski - Guitars
Klemens Klarhorst - Bass
Daniel Eichholz - Drums
Record Label: Dockyard 1


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